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California Nurse-Midwives Association June 2021 | Newsletter

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Table of Contents


Message from the President

CNMA is getting it done!

Since the passage of SB 1237, we’ve done a lot to implement the bill, eliminate barriers to CNM practice, and increase equitable access to midwifery care (be sure to read below about new resources on our website). And now that physician supervision is no longer an issue, we’re finally able to broaden our focus to tackle so much more!

Looking back, I feel proud of all we’ve accomplished, and the work we’re doing in California is gaining recognition. The CNMA Reproductive Justice and Antiracism Committee has received a lot of attention from ACNM's Affiliate Development and Support team, who recognizes CNMA as a leader and a model for affiliates throughout ACNM when it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, as well as Reproductive Justice and Anti-Racism. While we at CNMA know that we still have a long way to go in this arena, it feels good to receive positive feedback! Plus, CNMA was recently awarded the Elizabeth “Betty” Curtis Award by ANA\C (more details below), and our Health Policy Chair, Holly Smith was this year’s recipient of ACNM’s Public Policy Award!

Looking forward, I feel fiercely optimistic as we are moving toward the goals I set at the beginning of my term as President: gaining access to hospital privileges for midwives throughout the state, closing maternity care deserts, collaborating with our LM colleagues to implement programs for smooth transfers from the community to hospital setting, ramping up our continuing education offerings, growing and diversifying our midwifery workforce, and continuing the work of becoming an antiracist organization.

I hope you’ll join me at our ACNM California Affiliate Meeting this Wednesday, 6/2/21 from 12-2 PM (more details below). And if you’re not already volunteering with CNMA, please consider joining our highly productive team: we need volunteers to join our committees and our Board of Directors (again, more details below). Finally, if you’re not a member of CNMA, please join now! Our members dues fund this vital work, and as you can tell, it’s paying off exponentially.

Join us. I can’t wait to see what we do next!


Paris Maloof-Bury, CNM, IBCLC

President, California Nurse-Midwives Association

California Affiliate Meeting

The California Affiliate Meeting will take place on June 2 this year, a full week after the ACNM Annual Meeting. Our Affiliate Meeting is free for midwives and student midwives throughout the state, and we hope to see YOU there! Join us for updates on the upcoming CNMA election, SB 1237 implementation (including tools you can use NOW), guidance on AB 2257, proposed changes to the CNMA bylaws, and more. Plus, there will be a special presentation by Kim Dau, Asmara Gebre, and Angela Sojobi on “Re-diversification of the Midwifery Workforce through Mentorship and Community: a brief overview of California-based efforts to support BIPOC aspiring midwives and current BIPOC students.” Join us on Wednesday, 6/2/2021 from 12:00 - 2:00 PM. Click here to join! We look forward to connecting and being inspired with you!

Join a CNMA Committee!

Continuing Education Committee

The CNMA Continuing Education Committee is responsible for planning and hosting the CNMA Annual Meeting each year, and is now taking on the added responsibility of creating continuing education content that will be available through (coming soon!). Please consider joining this small and focused team. The work is targeted and specific, but there’s still plenty of room for creativity. Interested members, please contact

Midwifery Workforce Development and Education Support Committee

This new committee will focus on building and diversifying the CNM workforce in California, including strategizing to increase the number of clinical placement sites and preceptors in California, establishing and maintaining two-way communication between midwifery programs that have student nurse-midwives in California and the CNMA Board of Directors, and fostering and supporting student mentoring programs. While we hope that at least one representative from each midwifery program that has students in California will join this committee, ideal candidates will be passionate about supporting students and educators, and will work alongside the Student Representatives to the CNMA Board of Directors. Please contact

Join the CNMA Board of Directors!

The CNMA annual election is coming soon, but first we need some candidates! If you’re interested in joining our highly productive team (and bulking up your CV in the process), now’s the time to jump in! Thinking about running, but not sure you’ve got what it takes? We’re committed to mentoring new board members in their role and setting you up for success. The following offices are up for election this Summer: President-Elect, Secretary, Central California Representative, and Northern California Representative.

President-Elect (10/2021-10/2025)

During the first year (10/2021-10/2022), the President-Elect is mentored and supported by the current President as they learn the role and prepare to take on leadership of the board of directors (BOD) and the affiliate. Duties include:

  1. Non-voting member of the BOD.

  2. Attend virtual BOD meetings and other committee meetings throughout the month to learn about the structure and inside operations within the association.

  3. Attend 2 in-person meetings annually that alternate between Northern and Southern California.

During the second and third years (10/2022-10/2024) the President’s duties include the following:

  1. Be the face of CNMA. Be prepared to give interviews, help draft legislation and correspondence when needed, advocate for midwifery and birthing people, stay up to date on health policy issues within the association and the state.

  2. Lead all BOD meetings (prepare the agenda, establish a quorum, get approval for the agenda, approve the minutes along with the secretary, make corrections, sign the minutes).

  3. Voting member of the BOD.

  4. Lead the CNMA Annual Meeting (present the awards, introduce speakers, recognize off going BOD members, and welcome incoming BOD members).

  5. Write the CNMA newsletter.

  6. Attend the ACNM Annual Meeting and represent CNMA during the California Affiliate Meeting and Regional Meeting.

  7. Communicate with the ACNM National Office when necessary.

During the fourth year (10/2024-10/2025), the Past President's duties include the following:

  1. Non-voting member of the BOD.

  2. Offer support and guidance to the sitting President.

  3. Serve as a source of continuity with other groups and organizations in California who have associations with ACNM and CNMA.

  4. Ensure historical context for important issues impacting CNMA and the BOD.

Secretary (10/2021-10/2023)

  1. Voting member of the BOD.

  2. Send out the agenda to all the BOD members 10 days before the BOD Meeting.

  3. Attend and take minutes during the BOD meeting.

  4. Send minutes to the President and other BOD members for corrections.

  5. Get signature on minutes once the corrections have been made.

  6. Send out final minutes to BOD members.

  7. Store minutes on Dropbox and keep Dropbox files organized.

  8. Two year term, may serve up to two consecutive terms

Northern California Representative (10/2021-10/2023)

  1. Voting member of the BOD.

  2. Attend monthly virtual BOD meetings.

  3. Develop relationships with the members of the region.

  4. Establish two-way communication with regional chapter chairs and members to update them on affiliate issues; and bring chapters’ and members’ issues, comments, needs, and requests from regional members to the BOD.

  5. Should attend their own chapter meetings.

  6. Help lead and organize in-district visits and advocacy efforts.

  7. Stay involved and participate in events in their region as a representative of CNMA.

  8. Two year term, may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Central California Representative (10/2021-10/2023)

  1. Voting member of the BOD.

  2. Attend monthly virtual BOD meetings.

  3. Develop relationships with the members of the region.

  4. Establish two-way communication with regional chapter chairs and members to update them on affiliate issues; and bring chapters’ and members’ issues, comments, needs, and requests from regional members to the BOD.

  5. Should attend their own chapter meetings.

  6. Help lead and organize in-district visits and advocacy efforts.

  7. Stay involved and participate in events in their region as a representative of CNMA.

  8. Two year term, may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Nominating Committee Members (10/2021-10/2024)

Three positions are open: one from each region of the state (Northern California, Central California, and Southern California). This committee is mandated by ACNM Affiliate Bylaws, but we have not had this committee in place in prior years. Our goal is to fill the three positions and then determine specific duties with feedback from the Reproductive Justice and Antiracism Advisory Group.

  1. Three positions are open (as described above).

  2. The nominating committee members’ duties will be determined more specifically in the future, but broadly speaking, the members of the committee will help to run the CNMA elections in the future as stated in the ACNM Affiliate Bylaws: “Compose an annual ballot and prepare ballots and disseminate them to voting membership no later than 45 days prior to the date of the annual meeting.”

  3. Members of the nominating committee may not run for any other elected office during their term.

  4. Three year term, may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Tools for Scaling up Midwifery in California NOW!

CNMA Position Statement on CNM Admitting and Discharge Privileges in California Hospitals

CNMA is Proud to announce the new CNMA Position Statement on CNM Admitting and Discharge Privileges in California Hospitals! Now that SB 1237 is law, CNMA takes the position that Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) should have full admission and discharge privileges in California hospitals. The CNM’s ability to admit and discharge hospital patients is a critical component of full integration of CNMs into the maternity care system, fostering continuity of care and improving the quality of California’s maternal child health care. No federal, state, or local laws prohibit CNMs from being granted admission and discharge privileges.

Hospital privileges are essential to scaling up midwifery in the state. For those CNMs who attend birth in the community setting, having your own hospital privileges can make hospital transfers smoother, especially when the patient remains within your scope of independent practice. And for those CNMs who work in private practice and would like to attend births in hospitals that have previously required physician supervision in order to be privileged, we hope that this position statement will help to chip away at the barriers to practice. You can read the full position statement here.

New! Templates and Tools for Implementing SB 1237

CNMA’s resource page has new resources you can use to implement SB 1237! We’re excited to announce two new tools, including a Template Disclosure Form for Planned Out of Hospital Birth, and Template Policy and Procedures for CNMs caring for moderate risk patients. Of course, you can still access recorded webinars, the Executive Summary, our Quickstart Guide and FAQs, and the Community Birth Provider Checklist.

Independent Contractors

Do you remember AB 5 and the challenges it posed for CNMs who work as independent contractors or who hire independent contractors in California? AB 2257 was the legislative workaround and fix for that law. CNMA now has Guidance for CNMs on AB 2257 and how this new law pertains to you.

New CPCA Webinar on Implementing SB 1237: Integrating Certified Nurse Midwives

The California Primary Care Association webinar entitled SB 1237: Integrating Certified Nurse Midwives is now available On Demand! We urge all midwives and midwifery supporters to share this event with members of leadership in clinics and healthcare systems. This session highlights an example of what midwives have to offer at the clinic level: Eisner Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center in Los Angeles where midwives and perinatologists provide team-based care and improve outcomes, all while saving money.

CNMA: Award-Winning Work!

The American Nurses Association\California recently recognized CNMA (along with the California Association of Nurse Practitioners) with the Elizabeth “Betty” Curtis Award for outstanding advocacy efforts in the California Legislature.

“ANA\C celebrates the legislative achievement of the California Nurse-Midwives Association for your tremendous work advancing the scope of practice of California nurse midwives. The success of SB 1237 that was signed into law by Governor Newsom is a testament to the tireless education, public outreach, coalition-building, and grassroots & legislative advocacy of the California Nurse Midwives Association! The journey to remove outdated California regulations and red tape for nurse midwives was fueled by your efforts to increase access to care for countless Californians, especially for those residing in rural areas. This journey has been long and difficult. However, when nurses speak - legislators and policymakers listen, and they finally did! SB 1237 was an important step in assuring full practice authority for nurse midwives in California, we recognize the dedication, expertise, the amount of time and resources that the California Nurse Midwives Association utilized to achieve this important step. We could not be prouder of the excellent work of the California Nurse Midwives Association -our coalition partner- and we look forward to our continued cooperation in advancing the profession of nursing.Congratulations!!!”

California Health Policy

SB 65 Passed the Senate!

Thanks to everyone's support, calls, and letters, SB 65 Mominbus bill passed the Senate on Monday May 24th on a 31-7 vote count, and is now off to the Assembly. See press release here. This multifaceted bill intends to improve perinatal outcomes and decrease race based disparities through many approaches, one of them being funding for midwifery education programs in California through the creation of the Midwife Workforce Training Act. Find out what the LA Times Editorial Board has to say here. A fact sheet for SB 65 can be found here. You can always find updated information and what you can do to help at

Judge drops Chelsea Becker's Murder Charge!

CNMA has been working with the ACLU and Drug Policy Alliance along with other partners on the Chelsea Becker case. Chelsea Becker was charged with murder in Kings County, after she had a stillbirth and reported that she has used methamphetamine. She spent 15 months in pretrial detention and was released on bail in March of this year. On May 20, Judge Robert Shane Burns dismissed the murder charge against her! You can find the press release by the National Advocates for Pregnant Women here. You can also find out more here in the LA Times. CNMA continues to work with coalition partners on the case of Adora Perez, a very similar case reported by the same hospital (Adventist Hanford) and charged by the same District Attorney. Adora took a plea deal before she even knew that she was being inappropriately charged under a law that did not apply to pregnant women. She is 3 years into an 11 year sentence. CNMA and others are working with the ACLU for any possible solution to her sentence.

Virtual Advocacy Day complete!

Thanks to the students who participated in Virtual Advocacy Day on May 20th, and helped to ensure the passage of SB 65 on the Senate floor. Special thanks to Parie Lambert, Elizabeth Kicko, and Paris Maloof-Bury for acting as health policy mentors for these virtual visits with students and legislative staff.

Institute for Medicaid Innovation calls for state based teams to participate in a project to analyze midwifery models of care to improve birth equity among medicaid populations.

CNMA is considering convening a team of medicaid stakeholders and midwifery-led practices as part of a 3-year project to promote midwifery led models of care to improve access and coverage for Medi-cal populations. Is your practice interested in joining us? If so, contact More info can be found here and here.

National Policy


The American Association of Birth Centers is pleased to announce the introduction of the BABIES Act in the 117th Congress. This bipartisan and bicameral legislation (H.R. 3337 / S. 1716) was introduced in the House by Assistant Speaker Katherine Clark (D-MA-5) with co-sponsors Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA-3), Rep. Lucille Roybal Allard (D-CA-40) and Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA-1). In the Senate it was introduced by Senator Ben Ray Luján (D-NM). The BABIES Act would build off the Strong Start Initiative by creating a demonstration payment program under Medicaid. The legislation provides guidance to develop a prospective payment system (PPS) that would reimburse birth centers for prenatal care, perinatal, and postpartum mother and infant care. Read more here.

Midwives for Maximizing Optimal Maternity Services (MOMS) Act

ACNM applauds long-standing midwifery supporters Representatives Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) and Jamie Herrera Beutler (R-WA), and original cosponsors, Katherine Clark (D-MA) and Ashley Hinson (R-IA) and Senators Ben Ray-Lujan (D-NM) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) on the introduction of the Midwives for Maximizing Optimal Maternity Services (MOMS) Act. This bipartisan, bicameral legislation seeks to improve maternal health outcomes by increasing access to high-quality, evidence-based midwifery care and nationally certified midwives nationwide. ACNM encourages all midwives and midwifery supporters to reach out to both their House Representative and Senate members and urge support for the Midwives for Maximizing Optimal Maternity Services Act, and have provided a template letter to urge Congressional support for the legislation. Read more here.

Education, Trainings, and Webinars

Triage and Management of Late Preterm Birth

In this FREE webinar, Dr. Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman will cover the ongoing issues of preterm birth and its effects on the late preterm infant. After declining for a decade, the U.S. preterm birth rate has been rising for the last several years. Much of this increase is related to late preterm births between 34 to 36 weeks of gestation. This program will enhance attendees' understanding of the importance of new research surrounding late preterm birth and its effect on maternal health, obstetric, and neonatal outcomes. June 3, 2021 from 10-11 AM PST.

Maternal Mental Health: The first ACE

Maternal mental health can be thought of as the “first ACE” (adverse childhood experience) which then cascades into physical and mental illness in the child and family for generations, playing a role in the perinatal physical health outcomes of both moms and their babies. Join 2020 Mom and Jonathan Goldfinger, MD in a discussion that focuses on how doctors can address this in their scope of practice and how CA’s Surgeon General has prioritized ACE screening and the research explaining why PACEs is the newly adopted term in the ACEs movement. Register for this free webinar, happening June 3 from 10-11 AM PST.

Advancing Maternal Health Equity and Reducing Maternal Mortality

This FREE workshop will discuss what we know about maternal health and mortality in the United States, and explore how communities and healthcare systems can improve outcomes for pregnant people. June 7-8, 2021 8 AM - 2:30 PM. Learn more and register here.

Advancing the Well-Being of LGBTQI+ Populations

This FREE webinar will discuss the research-based policy implications outlined in the report, Understanding the Well-Being of LGBTQI+ Populations, current LGBTQI+ policy considerations at the federal level, such as the Equality Act and section 1557, and recent changes to and topics of interest in state and local level policies. June 7, 2021, 7-8:30 AM. Learn more and register here.

CHCF Health Care Leadership Program

This two-year, part-time fellowship is designed for clinicians interested in developing leadership and management skills. Each year, up to 32 physicians, behavioral health providers, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other health care professionals from across California are selected to participate. Application deadline is June 16.

ACNM 2021 Annual Meeting Recording

Missed the Annual Meeting, but still want to access on-demand sessions? You can still register through June 24th at a discounted price! For $375 ($195 for student members), members can register and view 90+ recorded sessions in the virtual meeting platform. Live event recordings ARE included in this package, so you'll be able to see the impactful addresses from Shafia Monroe, Andrea Freeman, and Angela Davis! Register by June 24, 2021.

Postpartum Support International: 2-Day Components of Care and Advanced Trainings:

PSI offers specialized training on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. The following training is being offered virtually, and unless otherwise stated, include Components of Care, Advanced Psychotherapy, and Advanced Psychopharmacology: July 7-11, 2021 at the PSI Virtual Conference (more information is available below), August 11-13, 2021, August 20-21, 2021 (Components of Care Only), September 18, 2021 - Advanced Psychotherapy or Advanced Pharmacology, and November 12-14, 2021

Postpartum Support International: 34th Annual Conference

The annual PSI conference provides an opportunity to meet, learn together, and share ideas with others involved in the field of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMDs). This year's virtual conference will be held in an interactive conference hall where attendees can access sessions/recordings, e-Posters, exhibits and conference information under one virtual roof. The conference will be held July 7-11, 2021 for live sessions. Early registration pricing is available through June 16. More information and registration are available here.

2021 AABC Birth Institute

Save the date! The 2021 AABC Birth Institute will be held October 7-10 in San Diego, California and online. This year’s theme is Birth Centers: Challenges, resilience, and growth. More information is available here.

Scholarships and Grants

HRSA’s 2021 Faculty Loan Repayment Program

The Faculty Loan Repayment Program (FLRP) supports the next generation of educators. You may receive up to $40,000 to repay qualifying educational loans for two years of service at an eligible health professions school. You must obtain all qualifying educational loans prior to the application deadline of July 1, 2021. To be eligible, you must come from a disadvantaged background, have an eligible health professions degree or certificate, and be a faculty member at an approved health professions school with a contract for two years or more. Apply here.

Job Opportunities

California Health Care Foundation

To support our vision for health equity for all Californians, CHCF has launched the CHCF Health Equity Fellowship Program. The mission of this two-year fellowship is to identify, develop, and support emerging Black, Indigenous, and People of Color leaders who have the capacity to become local and regional catalysts for health equity across California. For the pilot cohort, CHCF is hiring two fellows who live in California to work in one of the two project areas that are aligned with CHCF’s strategies for supporting health equity: Impact Investing and Homelessness & Health Care. We especially welcome candidates who have professional or lived experience in any of our regions of special focus — Central Valley, Inland Empire, and Los Angeles — and/or those with experience serving Californians via safety-net programs. Applications for the two-year fellowship are open through June 28, 2021. Learn more about the fellowship program and apply

Eisner Health

Eisner Health is seeking TWO candidates: One for a full-scope certified nurse midwife position (clinic and hospital based), and one for a clinic-only position. Our team cares for a diverse population and attends births at California Hospital Medical Center-Dignity Health. We provide outpatient services in Downtown LA, Lynwood, in the Valley, and on the Westside. We also have a school-based site. We work collaboratively with our team of physicians and we teach Family Medicine residents, Midwifery/WHNP students, and medical students, both in the hospital and in the clinic. We are looking for providers with some experience (at least 2 years preferred) and are hoping for Spanish proficiency. We would consider a new grad who has done a fellowship or residency. Please send resumes to or

Highland Hospital

We are recruiting for a 0.6 full scope CNM at Highland Hospital which is part of Alameda Health System. We have several clinics throughout Alameda. We have a diverse team of midwives serving a multicultural patient population. Spanish speaking and at least 2 years experience a plus. We are one of the longest standing midwifery groups in the bay, are unionized and have great benefits and are a tight knit and supportive team. More information is available here.

June: Education Lead

June is a digital health company designing the next generation of care for women and families. Our community-based model of care combines expert coaching with a small group support system to empower expecting parents throughout pregnancy and beyond. June is looking for an Education Lead to own and grow its educational curriculum. You will report directly to the COO and work hand in hand with June’s Medical Director to ensure the curriculum is evidence-based, engaging, and inclusive. You will be responsible for developing June’s evidence-based curriculum across sessions, in-app learning modules, website, and other content platforms. You’ll also serve as the face of June’s internal and external educational marketing, such as through events and on social media. Our ideal candidate is someone with a clinical maternal health background, who has worked directly with families and has a passion for community building. You'll excel in this role if you're able to make complex topics digestible and are an excellent communicator, you’re excited about working at an early stage company, and motivated by the broad impact that you will have in your role! More information is available here.

Kaiser Napa Solano

The Certified Nurse Midwives of Kaiser Napa Solano look forward to welcoming an additional midwife and are eager to diversify our practice team. Our midwives attend births at Vallejo and Vacaville Kaiser Permanente Hospitals. We provide prenatal care and Centering Pregnancy in Vallejo, Vacaville, and at our clinics in Fairfield and Napa. Our clients represent diverse cultural, social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, and Vallejo is one of the most diverse cities in California. We are a supportive group and have excellent working relationships with our physician and nursing colleagues. Kaiser is committed to creating a culture of inclusion which includes creating and supporting a diverse workforce and we are willing to consider a new graduate midwife for this position. More information is available here.

Kaiser Roseville

Kaiser Permanente is hiring CNMs in Roseville, with an aim to diversify their workforce. To learn more or to apply, click here. For more information, email Yvonne Vitale at

US Navy Reserve

The Navy Reserve is currently in dire need of Nurse Midwives to train and mentor our Navy Reserve Medics in the field of women's health. We are looking for CNMs to fill the role of Nurse Officer. CNMs must have at least 6 months experience. The commitment is only 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year. We also provide cash bonuses or loan repayment options. If you're interested or would like to hear more, please contact Lieutenant Ian Mojica, NC USN at

Volunteer Opportunities

AWHONN Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Task Force

AWHONN will establish a new Task Force to address the ongoing maternal morbidity and mortality crisis in the United States. We are seeking a diverse group of AWHONN member experts who will commit to working to identify and prioritize key clinical and health equity issues related to this crisis and make recommendations to the AWHONN Board of Directors for future advocacy, education, and practice resource development. Please submit your application via the link below. Applications are due Friday, June 18, by 8:59 PM PST.

Medi-Cal Rx Update

When accessing the User Administration Console (UAC), Saba, or the Medi-Cal Rx Provider Portal, make sure to follow the suggested technical guidelines to experience the best functionality of these Medi-Cal Rx website applications. UAC Registration Troubleshooting updates are available here, and information about the UAC Application Roles is available here.

Midwife Crush Mondays!

Do you know an amazing Midwife who is doing revolutionary work? We want to feature them on our social media platforms!

CNMA is looking for submissions for our new social media series “Midwife Crush Monday” where we highlight the stories of trailblazing midwives across the industry who are making a difference in the midwifery profession. You can even submit yourself!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Midwife’s name (include pronouns)

  • Affiliated organization(s)

  • Why you became a midwife (and anything awesome you’d like to brag about)

  • Headshot/Photo if available

  • Bonus: Please include social media handles for tagging!

Please send submissions to for consideration!


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