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Table of Contents

Message from incoming President Paris Maloof-Bury

SB 1237 - What’s new and what’s next?

California Hospital Association Webinar on SB1237 Implementation

Update to Abortion Services Due To COVID-19

Updates on Medi-Cal Rx

The California Department of Public Health says that birthing people should have access to both a support person and a doula in labor!

CNMA Stands with Jemel Roberson

Spotlight on Anti-Racism

Antiracism Workshop Series For White Birth workers

Update on the cases of Adora Perez and Chelsea Becker in Kings County

Racism and Health Disparities chapter in Gynecologic Health Care 4th Edition

National Perinatal Taskforce: Building a movement to Birth a more just and loving world

ACNM Antiracism Webinar Series: “Black Midwifery History”

ACNM Foundation renames the $1000 Mary Breckinridge donor level the Foundation Level, in acknowledgment of her racist legacy.

Malpractice Insurance Discount for CNMA Members!

Free CNMA Membership for Midwives of Color

Job Opportunities at Expecting Justice in San Francisco

Job openings to share?

Questions? News? Want to get involved?


Message from incoming President Paris Maloof-Bury

Hello California midwives!

As the incoming president of CNMA, I’d like to introduce myself and share with you my vision and priorities for my term. But first, I want to share my gratitude with each of you for trusting me with this position. I am humbled and honored by this opportunity to serve my fellow midwives, birth workers, advocates, and families in this great state of California. So thank you!

Over the course of my tenure, I intend to do everything within my power to increase access to midwifery care, and to make the practice of midwifery more equitable.

This means advocating for midwives to have full active medical staff privileges in hospitals throughout California so that midwives can serve families in every community, and that community-based nurse-midwives can gain privileges to admit their own patients to hospitals when they need to move from home or birth center setting to hospital. It means closing the gaps to completely eliminate maternity care deserts by bringing midwives to those communities and gaining access to critical access hospitals for the families we will serve there.

It means CNMs and LMs joining forces and working synergistically to offer more community-based birth and interconception care. It means partnering to offer smooth transitions when needed.

It means helping CNMA to become a truly antiracist organization so that we can fulfill our mandate as a profession to reduce racial disparities in maternity care. It means collaborating with BIPOC-led organizations to enact reproductive justice. It means diversifying our leadership and our workforce, and creating pipelines for BIPOC folks to have a seat at the table.

It means increasing access to clinical placement sites and mentorship for student nurse-midwives throughout the state. It means growing and empowering our membership with continuing education opportunities, professional practice guidance, as well as the advocacy we are already known for.

It means that we have a lot of work to do if we’re going to achieve all of this in just two years!

Again, thank you for this opportunity to serve. I look forward to all we will achieve together, and to doing the work to get us there.

With undying enthusiasm and fierce optimism,

Paris Maloof-Bury, MSN, CNM, RNC-OB, IBCLC


SB 1237 - What’s new and what’s next?

  • The BRN will soon be soliciting new members for the Nurse-Midwifery Advisory Committee. The committee has a meeting on November 10 and they will begin discussions of implementation of the bill. CNMA met with members on that Committee and we will keep open lines of communication so we can ensure the bill is implemented in the way it was intended.

  • We have recently met with, and will continue to meet with, major hospital systems. They are quite motivated to become compliant with the law as soon as possible and are engaging with the APRN/CNM leadership within their facilities to gain their expertise and perspective. We are encouraged by this.

  • We will be co-hosting a webinar with the California Hospital Association on November 30th from 1-2:30pm. Please save the date! Paris Maloof Bury, Holly Smith, and Kathleen Belzer will be presenting a one hour tutorial on the bill and a half hour Q&A session. This is directed toward hospital administrators and obstetrical physician department leads, but this is open to everyone and it is free! If you haven’t yet joined a webinar to review the bill, this is your chance! Please join and encourage your institutions to attend. The registration link is HERE.

  • We will continue to hold “office hours” on SB 1237 throughout November! Anyone or any group who needs a 1-to-1 tutorial on the new law, or simply wants to ask questions, please register HERE for an “office hours” session. We encourage everyone to listen to (or view the slides) for the SB 1237 presentation during the CNMA Annual Meeting and read the SB 1237 Q&A before attending office hours. This will make the office hours process much more efficient.

  • Be on the look out for more informational webinars, including one focused on the impact of the law on community birth practices.

  • We will be updating the CNMA website very shortly. For now, the resources you need for SB 1237 are all located HERE. This document will continually be updated as we get closer to January 1, 2020 when SB 1237 truly becomes a reality!


California Hospital Association Webinar on SB1237 Implementation

The California Hospital Association will be hosting a webinar on the implementation of SB1237 on November 30, from 1-2:30 PM! This webinar will:

  • Inform hospitals and health systems on the new law provisions

  • Describe the timeline of events for bill provisions

  • Discuss scope and obligations of the new nurse-midwives' roles

  • Describe how the bill relates to medical staff membership, discipline, privileging, and corporate bar

  • Identify areas of bill ambiguity and future legislative work

A registration link is coming soon, so save the date! In the meantime, you can check back in the coming weeks at https://www.calhospital.org/current-programs


Update to Abortion Services Due To COVID-19

Recently a federal preliminary injunction Civil Action No. TDC 20-1320 was released regarding the “In-Person requirements contained in the mifepristone REMS as to medication abortion patients, to extend until the resolution of this case or until 30 days after the end of the public

health emergency declared by the Secretary of HHS pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 247d, whichever comes first.”