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Annual Meeting Update

Membership Update

CNMA Stands with the Black Lives Matter Movement - We Demand Justice for Jacob Blake.

Spotlight on Anti-Racism

Anti-Racist Strategies for White Midwives: Tools for Self-Examination & Action

CDPH Birth Related All County Letters

Frontline Doula Hotline from Black Women's Birthing Justice

Maternal and Child Health Access

California Health Care Foundation: My Birth Matters Materials

New Learning Series on Midwifery-Led Care in Medicaid

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We are thrilled to inform everyone that SB 1237 was voted on in the Assembly and the Senate on 8/31 and it passed both houses. Thank you to each and every one of you who supported this process. We can all take a deep breath for the moment!! One final step is a signature from the Governor which usually occurs within 30 days of passage. Most bills go into effect on January 1st of the following year.

One immediate and hugely impactful change will be that small business owner CNMs in the community setting will no longer need a supervisory agreement with an MD. It took us 4 bills and 5 years to get here, but WE DID IT!! Your CNMA leadership team knows there is a lot of work to do in the implementation of this legislation and we will work with the BRN and other stakeholders to ensure they understand all the important nuances of CNM practice in CA. Please join us for our Virtual Annual Meeting on 9/26 so we can share more information about this process and celebrate the passing of the bill with all of you!!!

Kathleen Belzer, CNMA President

Holly Smith, CNMA HP Chair

Paris Maloof-Bury, CNMA President Elect

Liz Donnelly, CNMA HP Vice Chair

Annual Meeting Update

Please Note Change of Annual Meeting Date:

September 26, 2020, 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

!!Mark Your Calendars!!

Registration to Follow Soon

This change was made because Rosh Hashanah is Sept 19th

Our CNMA Annual Meeting will be held virtually this year. We look forward to celebrating the passage of SB1237 (fingers crossed), and doing a deep dive into what the Justice and Equity in Maternity Care Act will mean for midwives in California. We will also be offering an educational component, complete with 1 CEU focused on antiracism in midwifery. We look forward to seeing you there!

Membership Update

Join CNMA today! Being a member has many benefits including access to your local chapter meetings, CEU materials, reduced rates to annual meetings, and most importantly, an entire state-wide group of volunteer midwives working hard every day to improve the lives of all CA midwives and advocate for our profession and our clients! Your dues will directly fund our legislative efforts, specifically the passing of our bill SB 1237 to remove physician supervision, as well as anti-racism efforts to reduce disparities within our communities. Visit https://www.midwife.org/join-acnm to join today!!

CNMA recognizes that engagement by and leadership from midwives of color is integral to the development and advancement of the midwifery profession. Midwives of color use the discount code CA2020 to get free CNMA membership through the end of 2020.

Attention students and retirees! Your involvement in CNMA is truly invaluable. Therefore, we have reduced our student and retiree rates. Student rates have been dropped to $60 and retiree rates have been dropped to $50. Join today!

If you have any questions, please email our membership chair, Emily Carter at membership@CNMA.org

CNMA Stands with the Black Lives Matter Movement - We Demand Justice for Jacob Blake.

Last week, another Black man was shot by police in an act of state-sanctioned, racist violence. Jacob Blake's life matters, and we stand in solidarity with Jacob in his fight to heal, with his children and family as they are dealing with this trauma, and with our Black sisters and brothers across this country. But our thoughts and prayers are not enough.

Here in California, non-Black midwives of all racial identities must work nationally and locally to prevent and mitigate the harm experienced by our Black family, friends, colleagues and community members. We must examine ourselves through reflection, humility, and honesty to recognize how each of us participates in racism, and then interrupt those patterns of white supremacy within ourselves.

We can take simple actions today: remaining vigilant to the obvious or subtle injustices experienced by the clients we serve so that we can effectively advocate for our clients both clinically and within our communities. We can create space for our clients to express their frustration and pain at what is (and has been) happening in our country. We can offer evidence-based strategies to help heal the trauma caused by toxic racism that we know increases risks for mortality and morbidity. We can put our bodies and our time on the line by joining in protests with Black Lives Matter. We can donate money and resources to the Black-led organizations that are doing this work. We must also commit to the long term practice of antiracism work. We must do the hard internal work to uproot unrecognized bias and to commit to diversification of our profession. And we can listen to the voices of Black midwives and follow their leadership.

Michelle Drew, DNP, MPH, CNM, FNP-C, the Chair of the ACNM Caucus of Black Midwives for Reproductive Justice, recently posted the following message on ACNM Townhall.We encourage all our members to read “We're so Tired Thoughts for our Wisconsin Colleagues.”

Michelle and others on the Caucus are working within ACNM to advocate for Black midwives, and for the Black families and individuals we all serve. If you identify as a Black midwife, please consider joining the Caucus. They are leaders in the work that our profession so desperately needs.

Take action today:

Call local officials and demand justice:

Kenosha City Attorney: 262-653-4170

Kenosha Mayor and City Administration: 262-653-4000

Wisconsin Department of Justice: (608) 266-1221

Kenosha Police Non Emergency Line: 262-656-1234

Sign the petition demanding the cops who shot Blake be charged.

Donate to Bail Fund for protestors in WI

Donate to Blake's Family and healthcare fund.

Commit to Long Term Antiracist Action and self reflection:

Spotlight on Anti-Racism

CNMA is working towards becoming an antiracist organization. In 2019 new bylaws were approved that recognize CNMA’s responsibility to actively address racism and the resulting health inequalities suffered by communities of color. Importantly, we must actively support efforts to increase racial diversity in our profession while engaging actively in self-education. “Spotlight on Antiracism” is a new section of the newsletter where you will find a monthly educational offering. We encourage our membership to check it out and share widely in your workplaces.

Last month we explored white privileges with the classic, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, by Peggy McIntosh. This month we recommend our members go deeper by exploring the tenants of white supremacy culture and their antidotes in Tema Okun’s work: white supremacy culture. This is again a classic work, first developed in 2001 the concepts continue to be deeply relevant & is also a very quick read.

As you engage with the reading we invite you to explore how you see the tenants of white supremacy culture: perfectionism, sense of urgency, defensiveness, quantity over quality, worship of the written word, only one right way, paternalism, either/or thinking, power hoarding, fear of open conflict, individualism, i’m the only one, progress is bigger/more, objectivity, and right to comfort show up in your family in your practice, in CNMA and in ACNM and consider how you can best shift these tenants when you see them show up!

Anti-Racist Strategies for White Midwives: Tools for Self-Examination & Action

Liz Donnelly, CNM, WHNP-BC, Kara Myers, CNM, MS, FACH, and Signy Toquinto, CNM, WHNP, MS, MA

View the Recording (ACNM membership login required)

Recently, California CNMs, Liz Donnelly, Kara Myers and Signy Toquinto gave the following presentation through ACNM. If you missed it, please plan to watch this presentation. They did an amazing job and this is critical work that all white-identified midwives need to undertake. CNMA expresses our gratitude to them for their depth of understanding and their personal conviction to addressing racism in midwifery, our society and our health care organizations.

CDPH Birth Related All County Letters

Please see an open letter from CDPH regarding changes to the Electronic Birth Registration System (EBRS) and the Certificate of Live Birth (VS 10D) HERE. (There are also many other important referenced CDPH attachments HERE). This is especially important for community-based and small business owner CNMs. Feel free to contact the CDPH to ensure you are getting all the necessary open letters and communications.

Frontline Doula Hotline

From Black Women's Birthing Justice

Free Virtual Doula Help HERE.

From Dr. Sayida Peprah of Black Women's Birthing Justice: ‘Pregnant Black Mamas! FRONTLINE DOULA HOTLINE GOES LIVE AUGUST 21ST!!!!’

Maternal and Child Health Access

This information is from Lynn Kersey from Maternal and Child Health Access.

As of August 1, eligibility for Medi-Cal or MCAP can be extended an additional ten months for people diagnosed with a maternal mental health condition, such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disease.

This means that Medi-Cal or MCAP coverage continues for a full year for pregnant patients - experiencing miscarriage, abortion or birth - who have a diagnosed mental health condition during pregnancy or post delivery. MCAP will not charge premiums for the additional ten months of coverage.

Please see more information HERE

California Health Care Foundation: My Birth Matters Materials

The California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) would like to help you reach as many lower-income pregnant people in California as possible with the My Birth Matters materials. To do so, CHCF is currently providing funding to print and ship limited quantities of the campaign's brochure and poster to organizations that reach pregnant women in California.

These materials are available in 11 languages.

Below are the details on how to place your order:

  1. Go to this website: https://www.asbaces.com/newaces/default.aspx?uid=hes-po (You may need to cut and paste the URL.)

  2. Click on "variable print on demand."

  3. Choose the brochure or poster, choose your desired language, accept the "proof," and choose your quantity. Even though a price will be shown, you will not be billed; as stated above, CHCF is funding the printing and shipping.

  4. You can then add additional languages and/or the additional print file that you did not originally choose (brochure vs poster).

  5. When you check out, you'll be asked for your shipping information. You will not be asked for payment information at any point even though a cost is shown.

New Learning Series on Midwifery-Led Care in Medicaid

The Institute for Medicaid Innovation has created a New Learning Series on Midwifery-Led Care in Medicaid, focusing on Leveraging Midwifery-Led Care to address Disparities and Equity in Medicaid.

Please see HERE for details.

Questions? News? Want to get involved?

Email us at info@cnma.org

That's all for this month's issue. Catch you next time!


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SB1237 Townhall 2

Virtual Lobby Day 2

Annual Meeting Announcement. 3

Spotlight on Anti-Racism 3

Welcome New Officers! 4

Birthing People’s Bill of Rights 5

CHCF Health Care Leadership Program 5

Amendments to SB 1237 6

Questions? News? Want to get involved?8

SB1237 Townhall

For general information on the bill and its amendments, and a Q&A session, join us for the SB 1237 Townhall on Tuesday Aug 4 at 7:30-8:30pm. We will address some misinformation that has been circulating about what the bill does and does not do. Register for the Townhall here (note this is NOT lobby day registration, please do that separately).

Virtual Lobby Day

Please join the California Nurse-Midwives Association for Virtual Lobby Day on Thursday August 13th! Like in past years, Lobby Day is extremely important for your legislator to hear about our bill and (hopefully) vote “aye” on the Assembly Floor when the bill gets there toward the end of August!

Registration closes on Thursday August 6th! Register now!

As you probably know, SB 1237 (Dodd/Burke/Mitchell) The Equity & Justice in Maternity Care Act has passed the Senate and is making its way through the Assembly committees! The final lobby day push will be the Assembly Floor Vote expected the week of August 17th. We are so close!! Because we cannot lobby in person this year, we are instead focusing on a virtual event. Luckily this means Lobby Day is even easier than in previous years! We will give you instructions ahead of time, so don’t worry if you don’t have experience. Since this is a virtual event, there is no Lobby Day registration fee. Please consider donating to CNMA or CNMF.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for Lobby Day here.

  2. We will assign you to a lobby day visit with other people in your district between 9am-5pm on THURSDAY AUGUST 13th, and will notify you of that visit after it is confirmed.

  3. This visit will be 30 minutes long via Zoom conferencing with others in your district. CNMA leadership will be available for many of these calls. Many of you have done lobby day in the past and are well prepared for this. Others who have not done a lobby day, or are “singles” (e.g. in the cases where we find out that no one else from your district is signing up), you will be paired with a CNMA leader. A Lobby Day Preparation Session will be held August 10th from 7:30 - 8:30pm, link will be included in your confirmation email for your individual visit.

  4. Go to cnma.org/today for information on how to participate in the other virtual events happening on August13th, 14th, and the week after. These events include:

  • Calling your legislator and urging their support for SB 1237 when it gets to the Assembly floor

  • Lifting up SB 1237 on social media and tagging your legislator

Annual Meeting Announcement.

As you all know, our August annual meeting was canceled due to COVID, but according to our Bylaws, we must have a yearly meeting. Thus, we will be scheduling an abbreviated meeting that will contain important and pertinent information, including the introduction of our new Board members.

This is your official **SAVE THE DATE** for the 2020 Annual meeting on September 19th.

This will obviously be a virtual event. Time is yet to be determined. Stay tuned for more details to follow.

We hope to reschedule our in-person event in early 2021 if that is feasible given the world we all live in now.

Spotlight on Anti-Racism

CNMA is working towards becoming an antiracist organization. In 2019 new bylaws were approved that recognize CNMA’s responsibility to actively address racism and the resulting health inequalities suffered by communities of color. Importantly, we must actively support efforts to increase racial diversity in our profession while engaging actively in self-education. “Spotlight on Antiracism” is a new section of the newsletter where you will find a monthly educational offering. We encourage our membership to check it out and share widely in your workplaces.

This month we start with a classic, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, by Peggy McIntosh. In an excerpt from McIntosh’s 1988 paper "White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming To See Correspondences through Work in Women's Studies", the essay lays out clearly how white privilege manifests in the daily lives of white Americans. It’s a short read! We encourage our white membership to take a look and discuss it with your white colleagues. We challenge you to consider the following statement, just as McIntosh does in her essay: “Describing white privilege makes one newly accountable... having described it, what will I do to lessen or end it?" What will you do to lessen or end white privilege?

Welcome New Officers!

Maria Ramos Bracamontes Brittany Edwards Elizabeth Smith

CNMA is thrilled to announce our new BOD members!!

We are grateful to Elizabeth Smith who will be staying on as our Treasurer. The CNMA BOD would like to thank her for continuing in this role and for her service over the past two years.

We welcome Brittany Edwards (Fresno,CA); and Maria Ramos Bracamontes (Watsonville, CA). They will be starting in the Fall and we look forward to their voices and perspectives with open hearts and minds. We thank them for stepping up to serve on the CNMA Board and represent the CNMs and the birthing individuals in their communities. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to both of them.

As the out-going President, I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the incredible Board and committee members for their engagement and hard work over the last few years. We will continue to have important work to do, but we have collectively accomplished so much! This would not have been possible without the overwhelming degree of commitment of all our Board and committee members.

If you would like to get involved in CNMA, please reach out to me personally.

Kathleen Belzer, CNMA President.


Birthing People’s Bill of Rights

CNMA has been working with a coalition of advocacy groups to address equity issues in this time of Covid. The coalition is called the California Covid-19 Birth Justice Group. This group includes many partners who are working to create necessary change.This was started by the amazing Nourbese Flint from Black Women for Wellness. She is tireless and the vision that she laid out includes surveying and collecting the stories of individuals who are pregnant or have given birth during Covid, creating a Birthing People’s Bill of Rights to inform and educate birthing individuals and their families about their fundamental rights. Lastly, the group hopes to make recommendations to policy makers and those in governance. Please distribute the Birthing People’s Bill of Rights to your communities. https://www.bwwactionproject.org/pregnantbillofrights/

CHCF Health Care Leadership Program

Hello maternity colleagues in California---

Just reminding you all of this opportunity before the summer gets away from us! Please consider applying if you have not yet been a fellow and please pass along to others. The CHCF Health Care Leadership Program is a great opportunity for learning and networking! We are especially looking for providers of color and providers in the Central Valley and SoCal (notably LA and Inland Empire).

About the opportunity and eligibility to apply here.

And an update on deadlines and other program changes during COVID: Given the state of the world and the need for uplifting and visionary leaders, we

believe now may be the best time ever to participate in the CHCF Health Care Leadership Program. While we recognize that it’s an extraordinarily difficult time for clinicians to take on additional responsibilities, we truly believe this program will inspire, transform, and energize. Additionally, the program will provide a robust peer network to help overcome isolation and navigate change and progress. And if financial concerns are top of mind, this year we are able to offer significant tuition assistance. Please share this information. We appreciate your partnership!

Amendments to SB 1237

Most of you are aware that SB 1237 has gone through a few rounds of amendments. These amendments are reflections of our work to hear the concerns of our members, various stakeholders, committee recommendations, as well as making our own improvements to the bill. The bill language can be viewed here.

The following is a list of amendments by section of the bill:

Section 3.

  • Requires the BRN to name the Nurse-Midwifery Advisory Committee. This committee already exists and meets a couple times a year. This amendment would make the existence of the committee mandatory.

  • Increases the number of physicians to 2, and the number of CNMs to 4. Also one public member is required

  • The NMAC will make recommendations to the board on all matters related to midwifery practice, education, appropriate standard of care, and other matters as specified by the board

  • The NMAC will provide recommendations or guidance on care when the board is considering disciplinary action against a certified nurse-midwife.

Section 4

  • Subsection (a) Creates a specific “low-risk” scope for CNMs that requires no written guidelines, policies, or even standardized procedures for furnishing medication

  • Adds “interconception care” to our scope of practice, which is not currently in statute.

  • For patients with conditions that arise from or before the pregnancy, the language gives the CNM autonomy to decide whether a patient’s condition falls within the core competencies of the ACNM in order to determine whether the CNM can address said condition or whether the patient should be transferred from their care, or co-managed with a physician.

  • A recent amendment was added to note that CNMs practicing solely within the scope delineated in subsection (a) of Section 4 are in no way required to have any

  • signed agreements, signed policies or protocols, or any other written document with a physician

  • Subsection (b) Gives all CNMs, regardless of practice location the ability, if they wish, to collaboratively manage and attend the birth of higher risk patients, or to give gyn care that falls out of the delineated scope in subsection (a). To do so, the CNM must have written/signed, mutually-developed policies and protocols with a physician that delineate the parameters for consultation, collaboration, referral, and transfer of a patient’s care (just as CNMs have now for the care of patients who require co-management).

  • Written guidelines for the collaborative care of clients is a standard of professional practice by the American College of Nurse-Midwives. You can find that standard here (see Standard V). These written guidelines are not the same as collaborative practice agreements, and should not be confused as such. The ACNM’s description of collaborative practice agreements can be found here (such a thing is not included in the bill!), and page 2 explains the difference between collaborative practice agreements and written, mutually-agreed upon guidelines with physicians for collaborative management

  • Intrapartum and birth care of patients with a previous cesarean falls under “collaborative management” with a physician, but can occur in any setting. Prenatal care of clients with a previous cesarean falls under the delineated low risk scope described in subsection (a).

  • In the community birth setting, the amendment in subsection (c)(2) allows for certain patients in very advanced labor (e.g., transitioning or pushing) to remain in the care of the CNM even though they may have crossed over the 42 week threshold, but have no other medical conditions that would require transfer to the hospital

  • A patient autonomy section has been added to subsection (e), stating: “This section shall not be interpreted to deny a patient’s right to self-determination or informed decision making with regard to choice of provider or birth setting.”

Section 5

  • Allows for furnishing of medications for the scope of services delineated in Section 4 (a) without standardized procedures (!)

  • Allows for furnishing of medications outside of the scope delineated in Section 4 (a) with standardized procedures, as CNMs are currently have.

  • Standardized procedures are necessary for all scheduled medications (Schedule II-V), regardless of whether it falls within the scope of services in Section 4(a).

Section 6

  • No changes here. Allows for episiotomy and repair of lacerations in all settings, including the home and without standardized procedures.

Section 7

  • Includes the required patients disclosures for out of hospital birth

Section 8

  • The current language for this Section is placeholder language only. This language is being updated to reflect a streamlined data collection for out of hospital birth that will rely heavily on what community CNMs already submit via vital records (birth certificates), and will add some supplemental information about patient transfers to the hospital setting.

Questions? News? Want to get involved?

Email us at info@cnma.org

That's all for this month's issue. Catch you next time!


Visit us at cnma.org

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What to expect as SB 1237 moves through the California Legislature

Are you a CNMA member?

Scholarship Opportunity

Vote in the BOD Elections!

NO Budget Cuts for Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital

Birthing Justice Response CA COVID -19

COVID -19 Impact on Health Care Workers

The CNMA store is OPEN!

Job Postings

Questions? News? Want to get involved?

What to expect as SB 1237 moves through the California Legislature

As the Justice and Equity in Maternity Care Act is working its way through the California legislature, here’s an update on what you can expect over the coming months, and more importantly, key points when we’ll be asking you to call and write letters to your representatives about SB-1237 again.

  1. Senate Bill-1237 was introduced in the Senate by Bill Dodd on February 20, 2020.

  2. Committee Hearings in the Senate

  3. Senate Business and Professions Committee passed and referred the bill to the Appropriations Committee on May 18, 2020.

  4. Senate Appropriations Committee sent the bill to the Suspense file on June 9, 2020 (this is the normal process for any bill with any associated cost), then voted to approve on June 18, 2020.

  5. Senate Floor passed the bill on June 26, 2020

  6. The bill now moves to the Assembly.

  7. Committee Hearings in the Assembly

  8. Assembly Business and Professions Committee (We will need you to call and and write to members of the Assembly B&P committee, especially Chairperson Evan Low!)

  9. Assembly Appropriations Committee (We will need you to call and write to members of the Assembly Appropriations committee, especially Chairperson Lorena Gonzalez!)

  10. Floor vote in the Assembly (We will need you to call and write to your assemblyperson!)

  11. If the bill passes the Assembly with amendments, it will go back to the Senate where the amended version of the bill will need to be approved again. (We may need you to call and write to your senator again)

  12. Once both houses have approved the bill, it goes to the governor’s desk to be signed. At this point, the governor can either sign or veto the bill.

  13. If signed, most bills become law effective January 1st the following year.

You can learn more about the legislative process in California here, and about our bill specifically here. And in the meantime, thank you for all of your advocacy and support as we work to remove physician supervision for midwives, and increase access to midwifery care for women in our state!

Are you a CNMA member?

Get 30% off Affiliate Dues for new or renewing membership!!!

CNMA understands that now is a difficult time for many. We want to help ease some of the financial burden of membership by offering you a 30% discount on your affiliate dues if you join or renew your membership until July 31st. Visit ACNMs website, and use the code CNMA30 at checkout. Your support will help us move forward our legislative efforts and continue in our quest to improve maternal health and reduce disparities in the state of California for those that desperately need our care and want more options in childbirth. Membership is free for BIPOC midwives. Use code CA2020.

Scholarship Opportunity

If you are a California-based student midwife or aspiring student midwife and you belong to a group or groups underrepresented in midwifery (BIPOC or LGBTQ or gender non-conforming), you are eligible for a one-time scholarship for you to use in any way you choose to help you towards your education journey. The California Nurse-Midwives Foundation invites you to apply by filling out the quick application and emailing it to info@californianursemidwivesfoundation.org.

Vote in the BOD Elections!

Cast your vote today, deadline to vote is July 25th! Learn more about our candidates here!

NO Budget Cuts for Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital!!!

This is a HUGE shout out to all of you who created a grassroots firestorm and helped avert the closure of MLK Jr Community Hospital in LA. Our advocacy really works and can make the difference!! Your voices are being heard now more than ever. Continue to use those voices to demand justice, to advocate for midwives and the reproductive rights of all people, and to remove physician supervision once and for all!! Thank you everyone!

Birthing Justice Response CA COVID -19

On average, there are over 1000 live births everyday in California, and that hasn't stopped during the COVID-19 epidemic. Advocates, health professionals and doulas are working to re-imagine perinatal care both during COVID-19 and beyond that centers our most vulnerable communities.

As a way to uplift and protect women/birthing people's bodily autonomy, understand the issues that are most impacted, and push for a more just future for all, we want to hear from you. The survey found here is designed to capture the stories of pregnant people as well as people who have recently given birth. Please use the form to share your story, you do not need to provide your name or contact information if you do not feel comfortable and we will not share any identifiable information.

Forward this survey to your clients and patients. We need their voices!!

COVID -19 Impact on Health Care Workers

Scientists from the UC Davis Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC) are conducting a research survey on how COVID-19 has impacted workers. If you’ve been working during this

pandemic, are unemployed or are now doing your job remotely, we’d like to invite you to participate in this study:https://is.gd/COVID19WorkerSurvey

The purpose of the study is to better understand how this disaster has affected your job, workplace and home life. EHSC collaborates with unions, agencies and non-profits to help identify the health impacts and unmet needs of communities. What they learn will help employers and policymakers implement changes to ensure workplaces are safer.

This survey averages about 15-20 minutes to complete. All the information collected will be kept confidential and stored on secure servers at UC Davis. This research is funded by the National Institutes of Health and recruiting nationwide. Please share widely! Thank you.

The CNMA store is OPEN!

Support CNMA legislative efforts in style!


Job Postings


Job Title: Advanced Practitioner, Telehealth

Job Description: Seeking a part time or full time advanced practitioner with a background in women's health, obstetrics, adult, or family care to join a team of telehealth medical providers. Computer skills required as well as a comprehensive knowledge of women's health issues in the ageing adult. Our practice is expanding across the US and is especially seeking a provider who

is licensed within the NLC who can practice across state lines as a midwife, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner with a furnishing license. The provider would be responsible for assessing patients via an online intake, evaluating appropriateness of patients for a prescription for medical treatment of menopause, writing initial and recurring prescriptions on a monthly basis, and intermittent monitoring of patients over a customized EHR system. Unique platform with capability of managing high volumes of patients. 20+h/week contractor position, flexible hours, work from home!

Employment Type: Contractor, 15-20h/week

Industry: Telehealth, Medicine, Women's Healthcare Services

About Us: We are a unique and modern asynchronous telehealth medical group working with an EHR-based patient-provider platform with no phone calls or video interfacing providing menopause care to women across the United States. We are based in San Francisco, CA and carry a mostly female team of women and mothers with incredible leadership and energy for patient care.

About you: You are passionate about women's health and expanding access to healthcare for the aging adult female population. You are competent with the internet and online based technologies, including platforms like Google (gmail, google docs), Zoom, Slack, and more, and are able to distance train easily. You are licensed in a pact/ NLC state with an active, unobstructed license to furnish and provide care. Ideally, you have worked with a multitude of EHR services in the past and are well versed in the nuance of email based messaging with patients within the context of an EHR. Female providers with a diverse background who specialize in women's health are preferred.


The County of San Mateo is hiring a Nurse Practitioner

The County of San Mateo is hiring a Nurse Practitioner for the ambulatory OB/Gyn clinics in San Mateo County. We currently have benefitted part time, full time and unbenefitted extra-help positions open.

The ideal candidate would have excellent clinical and communication skills with a desire to provide high quality, evidenced based women’s health care to a low resource population.

License and certification as an FNP or WHNP with furnishing privileges required and a minimum of 2 years recent experience delivering prenatal, postpartum and gynecologic care including

placement of LARC’s, screening and treatment of STI’s, well woman exams, menstrual irregularities.

In addition, CNM or L&D RN experience and Spanish language skills are preferred.

Here is the link to apply.

Email jbirdsong@smcgov.org with a copy of your resume and cover letter.

Questions? News? Want to get involved?

Email us at info@cnma.org

That's all for this month's issue. Catch you next time!


Visit us at cnma.org

This newsletter will be archived on our website at cnma.org/news