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California Nurse-Midwives Association


The California Nurse Midwife Association (CNMA) is the professional organization representing Certified Nurse-Midwives and Certified Midwives in the state of California. We are an affiliate of The American College of Nurse-Midwives


CNMA advocates for the people we serve, our communities and the midwifery profession. We aim to increase access to midwifery care, improve maternal-child health care outcomes with a specific focus on reducing racism-based disparities, and to advance sexual and reproductive healthcare in California. 


CNMA provides our members with continuing education, timely resources and community with other midwives.   

Our Mission:

With midwives. With communities. 

Our Vision: 

An equitable California where all people have access to safe, evidence-based, trauma-informed reproductive healthcare through the advancement of the midwifery profession by:


  • Promoting respectful healthcare that improves the health and wellbeing of individuals, mothers and birthing people, newborns, and families

  • Eradicating health disparities by challenging the practices, behaviors, and inactions that further perpetuate them

  • Practicing cultural humility

  • Acknowledging the history of white supremacy in midwifery and healthcare and its continued negative impacts by condemning racism and promoting equity

  • Creating a diverse midwifery workforce that meets the needs of the community with racial, ethnic, and linguistic concordance

  • Remaining accountable to each other, to midwives, and to the people for whom we advocate, educate, and care

Our Values:

Equity, Community, Diversity, Accountability, Respect, Evidence-Based Practice, Service















Organizational Structure 

CNMA is run by an 11-member volunteer board, six appointed committee members and involves over 30 active members in our Health Policy, Professional Practice, and Reproductive Justice & Antiracism Workgroups. 


Please reach out if you are interested in getting involved! 

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