Members of CNMA get SO many benefits! CNMA is an affiliate of ACNM (American College of Nurse Midwives). Your membership dues are paid with your ACNM membership and then spit between ACNM and CNMA and help fund important legislature for the state of CA. Dues also provide educational opportunities for midwives locally and at the national level, and more! CNMA is now able to offer CEUs to it's chapter groups for easier access to educational credits. Members will also get access to an exclusive MEMBERSHIP PORTAL (for members only) on the ACNM website. Please note: CNMA.ORG does not transact membership at this time. Visit to apply/reapply for your membership.


Participation by midwives of color (MOC) in CNMA is vital to the progress of midwifery in California and demands our urgent support. As a small gesture to encourage more MOC to join CNMA, CNMA will be waiving the $200 California affiliate fee for new California members who identify as MOC and join ACNM. While CNMA cannot control whether ACNM follows suit, we are lobbying the national organization to likewise facilitate more participation of MOC at the national level via similar financial incentives. So while new MOC members will still be responsible for the ACNM national membership fee under this initiative, the California affiliate will waive the affiliate fee. This offer will be in effect for all of 2020 and may be extended pending funding. Of note, this offer applies to all MOC newly signing up, so even if you have been a member in the past but your membership has lapsed, this offer applies.