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Join CNMA!

CNMA membership comes with so  many benefits! 


CNMA is an affiliate of ACNM (American College of Nurse Midwives). Your membership dues are paid with your ACNM membership and then split between ACNM and CNMA and help fund important legislature for the state of CA. Dues also provide educational opportunities for midwives locally and at the national level, and more!


Where exactly are my dues going???


CNMA is now able to offer CEUs to it's chapter groups for easier access to educational credits. Members will also get access to an exclusive MEMBERSHIP PORTAL (for members only) on the ACNM website. Please note: CNMA.ORG does not transact membership at this time. Visit to apply/reapply for your membership.

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Click here to visit ACNM's website and sign up for membership at ACNM and CNMA!

We are currently offering a discount for membership! Use the code: CNMA50 when you sign up!


Participation by midwives of color (MOC) in CNMA is vital to the progress of midwifery in California and demands our urgent support. As a small gesture to encourage more MOC to join CNMA, CNMA will be waiving the $200 California affiliate fee for new California members who identify as MOC and join ACNM.

USE COUPON CODE: CA2020 (available indefinitely!). 

Please contact our membership Chair, Emily Carter, at with any questions. 

Follow The Money
Image by Alexander Grey

Where exactly do my membership fees go?

The CNMA leadership is 100% volunteer-based, and we are not paid for this work. So where does your money go?


We use your dues to pay for our lobbyists, social media consultant, and attorney, and the money you pay to maintain your CNMA membership is an investment in all of the work CNMA does to support midwives and the people we care for.


Here are just a few examples of the many ways we've put your money to work in recent years:

Here are some of the projects we're currently working on:

  • Improving the safety and quality of community-to-hospital transfers

  • Improving contracting with and reimbursement from commercial insurers and Medi-Cal

  • Building the midwifery workforce in California 

  • Midwifery privileges at hospitals throughout the state

With your help, we're revolutionizing sexual and reproductive healthcare in California!

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