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CNMA Newsletter: June 2022

Message from the President

Hello and welcome to our CNMA monthly Newsletter!

As always, we’ve included plenty of information on the latest job opportunities and continuing education. But this month’s newsletter also includes several calls to action. As you know, we’ve been making tremendous progress in our state, and the momentum is powerful!

There has never been a more exciting time to be a midwife in California, with so many opportunities not only to practice with autonomy and integrity, and also to shape and grow reproductive and maternity healthcare for millions of people in our state. How will you contribute to this progress? What is your calling?

For some of you, perhaps it’s time to step up and join the leadership of CNMA; election season is almost here, and now is the time to throw your hat in the ring! Or maybe now’s the time to finally open up your practice to students–perhaps a little financial incentive will help you to make that leap possible! Or maybe you’re super proud about the innovative work you’re doing and want to share it with the rest of us at the CNMA Annual Meeting in November–and we want to learn from you! If any of these opportunities speak to you, keep reading–there are more details below. And if that’s not enough, hopefully the exciting updates on the California Prenatal Screening Program will make the newsletter worth the read.

As always, I’m available by email at and by text at (805) 415-2553.

In the spirit of service,

Paris Maloof-Bury, CNM, IBCLC

President, California Nurse-Midwives Association

CNMA Board of Directors: Call for Nominations

The CNMA annual election is coming soon, but first we need some candidates! If you’re interested in joining our highly productive team (and bulking up your CV in the process), now’s the time to jump in! Thinking about running, but not sure you’ve got what it takes? We’re committed to mentoring new board members in their role and setting you up for success. The following offices are up for election this Summer: Representative from an Under-Represented Group, Reproductive Justice & Anti-Racism Chair, Southern California Representative, and Treasurer. Please email Paris Maloof-Bury or Alison Young if you are interested in running.

Representative from Under-Represented Group

  1. Voting member of the Board.

  2. Attend monthly virtual Board meetings.

  3. Acts as liaison and represents the interests of a community under-represented in midwifery and/or on the CNMA Board

  4. Two year term, may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Reproductive Justice & Anti-Racism Chair

  1. Voting member of the Board.

  2. Attend monthly virtual Board meetings.

  3. Responsible for guiding CNMA in our aim to become an organization committed to the reproductive-justice framework and to become and anti-racist organization.

  4. Acts as liaison between the Board and the Reproductive Justice Anti-Racism Committee.

  5. Chairs and directs the activities of the Reproductive Justice & Anti-Racism Committee

  6. Two year term, may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Southern California Representative

  1. Voting member of the Board.

  2. Attend monthly virtual Board meetings.

  3. Develop relationships with the members of the region.

  4. Establish two-way communication with regional chapter chairs and members to update them on affiliate issues; and bring chapters’ and members’ issues, comments, needs, and requests from regional members to the Board.

  5. Should attend their own chapter meetings.

  6. Help lead and organize in-district visits and advocacy efforts.

  7. Stay involved and participate in events in their region as a representative of CNMA.

  8. Two year term, may serve up to two consecutive terms.


  1. Perform all duties commonly incident to and vested in the office of Treasurer of a corporation, as well as all duties delegated by the President, including, but not limited to the administration of the fiscal and financial policies of the Affiliate.

  2. Supervise the maintenance of accurate corporate books.

  3. Act as custodian of the funds of the Affiliate and as signatory to the Corporation’s bank account in order to issue the checks and drafts of the Corporation as directed by the Board.

  4. Present itemized financial reports at each meeting of the Affiliate.

  5. Maintain a list of members with ACNM and Affiliate dues currently paid.

  6. The Treasurer, in consultation with the President, is empowered to jointly approve expenditures under and up to a predetermined amount in accordance with the Standard Rules and Operating Procedures developed by the Board of Directors.

California Health Policy

Legislative Updates

The last week of May was the final week to move bills off of the Assembly Floor and we have great news! Our bill – AB 2529 (Davies/Calderon), the bill that would make midwifery education programs eligible to apply for state funding like NPs, PAs, RNs, and physicians already have access to through the Song Brown Act – passed the Assembly Floor with zero "no" votes! That means this bill has bipartisan support and is now moving onto the Senate! Thanks for all the support and calls thus far and, as always, you can stay updated at In addition, all 13 Future of Abortion (FAB) Council Bills continue to move through the Legislature. Find out more about these bills at

The California Budget

The Governor's revised budget, called the "May Revise," has been released and we continue to be encouraged that the CNM Medi-Cal provider rate reductions that were enacted by AB 97 will be reversed, and that the Midwifery Workforce Training Act will also be funded. The Budget must be passed by June 15, and we will keep you updated via the page. You can find the Governor's May Revise here.

Midwifery Integration and SB 1237:

Please contact if you or your practice needs any help revising your policies and protocols to reflect the changes in nurse-midwifery scope of practice that occured due to SB 1237, the bill that removed physician supervision in 2020. The CNMA Health Policy team is ready to meet with you one-on-one to ensure your policies and protocols give the CNMs at your practice the ability to practice to the full extent of the law.

Martin Luther King Community Hospital in LA at risk of closing maternity services!

CNMA recently learned that MLK Community Hospital is at risk of losing their maternity services at the end of July! Their FQHC partner simply cannot afford the losses they’re incurring any longer, and will no longer be able to provide OB and midwifery services there. However, CNMA is supporting a bill – AB 2426 – that would direct funding and resources to MLK Community Hospital, and to community based care, and also offset their current losses. We’ve been told that the passage of this bill would ensure that maternity services at MLK continue. We’re happy to report that this bill passed the Assembly last week and is now moving onto the Senate! You can find out more here.

Those of you in the LA area know that MLK is an important safety net hospital and medical home for thousands of residents who otherwise couldn’t access care. Their maternity program is a shining light, not just in the LA area, but throughout California. Their patient-centered, community-focused approach with an integrated physician and midwife practice provides 24/7 care and has led them to deliver one of the lowest cesarean rates in the state (sometimes the very lowest), and they continue to lead by example on how to reduce racial disparities in birth outcomes. It would be a HUGE loss to the community if maternity services were discontinued.

We know many of you were very involved when maternity services at MLK were near closure back in 2020; but with successful community mobilization, it was saved. CNMA will keep everyone up to date on what is happening with this bill and community organizing around this issue at Please reach out to with questions.

Midwifery Workforce Development and Educational Support

Funding Available for New Preceptors and Clinical Sites!

California has a midwifery workforce shortage, and they only way to grow more midwives is to open up more clinical placement sites. The California Nurse-Midwives Foundation recognizes that this often comes at a cost, whether accepting students as an individual preceptor or advocating to allow for precepting at your institution. We partnered with Anthem and currently have funding available to support precepting and mentoring. These efforts will target under-represented individuals in the profession of midwifery. This grant was earmarked for those in distance-learning programs, but we know that opening up preceptor sites ultimately helps all students in all programs, and more importantly, the communities we serve. We prioritize funding preceptors who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Our students and the communities we serve urgently need your assistance. This is a pilot and further funding may become available. If you need funding to open up as a preceptor or to become a short-term mentor (perhaps after precepting the student), please use this simple one-page application. The funds can cover such things as administrative time, orientation time, a reduced schedule template, or time dedicated to ongoing student mentorship. You may also apply to cover the cost of advocating to allow for precepting with leadership at your institution. We hope this one-time stipend will help YOU to create the changes needed in your practice or institution to PERMANENTLY open up to midwifery students. California thanks you!

CalGenetic Online Portal–Prenatal Screening Program (PNS)

Effective May 16th, 2022, licensees of the Board of Registered Nursing (including certified nurse-midwives) are now able to independently register to use the Genetic Disease Screening Program’s CalGenetic Online Portal and are no longer required to have authority delegated by a California physician to utilize portal applications. CNMs are strongly encouraged to register as independent users for the Genetic Disease Screening Program’s CalGenetic Portal, starting. The CalGenetic Online Portal currently includes access to the PNS Program Results application. Beginning September 2022, the Portal will also host a new PNS Program Orders application, in conjunction with the launch of the redesigned PNS Program. The new PNS Program will include two separate screening tests: cell free DNA (cfDNA) screening for chromosome abnormalities and Maternal Serum Alpha Fetoprotein (MSAFP) screening for neural tube defects. Registration on the CalGenetics Portal will enable some providers to submit electronic patient orders for cfDNA and MSAFP prenatal screening when the new program is launched. Only one user account is required per person to access both the PNS Results application and the upcoming PNS Orders application in the CalGenetic Online Portal. Please sign up for the upcoming webinars, review the training video materials, and direct questions to

Patient/Parent Resources

NEW: National Maternal Mental Health Hotline!

The National Maternal Mental Health Hotline is LIVE! Parents and partners can call or text the Hotline at 1-833-943-5746 anytime for help. The Hotline, funded by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and powered by Postpartum Support International, is available 24/7, 365 days a year, in English or Spanish and other languages by request. At PSI we are so excited about this first-of-its-kind resource and grateful to HRSA for their leadership and support to make this a reality. Staffed by licensed and credentialed perinatal mental health and healthcare providers, childbirth professionals, and certified peer specialists, the Hotline provides immediate and informed access to support, understanding, brief intervention, and resources to all pregnant, postpartum, and post-loss individuals AND their partners and families. You do not need a diagnosis to reach out for help – we are here for you. Help More Parents by sharing this critical resource on your social media accounts, through email, or post the number in your office. You never know who may be in need of this life-saving resource. Learn more by reading this announcement from the Department of Health and Human Services.

California Department of Public Health Infant Formula Webpage

The California Department of Public Health just launched the Infant Formula webpage (also in Spanish) to provide the latest information about the shortage, the benefits of breastfeeding, and how to get lactation support. The goal is to connect California families in need of formula to helpful resources and provide helpful information to providers and community leaders. Social media assets are also available on the site. It is important to remember that even if an individual provider promotes breastfeeding, not all women can breastfeed.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Grants

Lisa Ross Memorial Scholarship

The Lisa Ross Memorial Scholarship, named in honor of Lisa Ross, an early pioneer in the development of birth centers, covers the registration fee for the AABC Birth Institute, the annual convention of the American Association of Birth Centers, as well as a $500 stipend for travel and lodging if attending in-person. In 2022, the Birth Institute will be held in San Diego, California. To be eligible for the scholarship an individual must demonstrate financial need and fit into at least one of the following categories: clinical or administrative staff member employed in a birth center; clinical or administrative staff of an AABC Developing Birth Center Member; or full-time student midwife wanting to work in a birth center. Special consideration will be given to applicants attending the Birth Institute for the first time. Learn more and apply by June 17, 2022.

Education, Trainings, and Webinars

CNMA Annual Meeting–Call for Presenters and Save the Date

Save the date! The CNMA Annual Meeting will take place on November 6 at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo! If you are interested in presenting, please contact Jillian Cauley. More info will be coming soon!

Congressional Briefing–Moms in Crisis: How the Pandemic & Formula Shortage Fed the Maternal

Mental Health Crisis

Learn about the pandemic-driven rise in maternal mental health conditions, effects of the infant formula crisis on moms' mental health, and federal approaches to reduce mortality through systematic change, prevention, intervention and treatment at every level. The briefing is sponsored by Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance, 2020 Mom, and Shades of Blue Project; in partnership with March of Dimes, Mental Health America and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. In conjunction with the Congressional Mental Health, Bipartisan Maternity Care & Black Maternal Health Caucuses. June 8, 2022 9:30-10:30 AM PST. Register here.

Postpartum Support International: Maternal Mental Health 101

Join this complimentary webinar on Thursday, June 9, 2022 from 10:30-12 noon PST, hosted by 2020 Mom and presented by Postpartum Support International. During the webinar, you will learn about the various Maternal Mental Health Disorders, their differences, risk factors, and treatment options. Those who register will receive a link to the recording.

Addressing treatment gaps in MMH: A Fireside chat on new initiatives from the APA and ACOG

Join us on June 20, 2022 at 10 am PST for a Fireside chat with Diana Clarke, MD of the American Psychological Association (APA) and ACOG’s Tiffany Moore Simas, MD, discussing the APA’s new Maternal Mental Health (MMH) initiatives to close treatment gaps in MMH and highlighting ACOG/UMASS’s new MMH Toolkit. We will unpack the APA’s initiatives which include: a needs assessment regarding the intersection of maternal substance use and mental health; updating and expanding existing psychiatric recommendations for the mental health care of pregnant women; and creating educational & training recommendations for behavioral health clinicians. We will also review the ACOG endorsed, Lifeline for Moms Perinatal Mental Health Tool Kit, which provides: recommended obstetric provider actions; screening algorithms; and "Clinical Pearls" to support detection, assessment, and treatment. During this fireside chat, we will address what this means not only to providers, but to insurers/payors, government leaders, and patients. Register now.

The Midwife as Surgical First Assistant

ACNM has a full schedule of The Midwife as Surgical First Assistant (First Assist) Virtual Clinical Labs available through December 2022! First Assist focuses on training midwives to participate and provide continuity of care for patients during a cesarean section. This course is designed specifically for midwives and addresses promotion of vaginal birth, shared decision-making and informed consent, and functioning as an active member of the perioperative team. Thursday, June 23 (7:00 AM - 1:00 PM, PT). Registration deadline is Wednesday, June 15, 2022 to secure your materials!

Diagnosing and Dismantling Obstetric Racism in Birthing Hospitals

Please join Dr. Karen A. Scott, MD, MPH, FACOG for the series: Diagnosing and Dismantling Obstetric Racism in Birthing Hospitals. The purpose of the 3 foundational experiential learning modules are to introduce the concept of obstetric racism and its impact on Black pregnant, birthing, and postpartum people; recognize the importance of listening to, amplifying, and integrating the perspectives of Black women and other Black birthing people; and provide tools and guidance for challenging racism in San Francisco's birthing hospitals. After the trainings, the audience will be able to explain the challenges in diagnosing and dismantling obstetric racism through hospital-centered knowledge, beliefs, and practices; utilize three concepts to re-imagine the unique lived experiences and activism of Black women and people in society and in hospital births; and describe strategies to amplify patient narratives and community wisdom in testing for quality, safety, and equity in hospital birth settings. Tuesday 6/28/2022, 12-1:15p; Thursday 7/14/2022, 12-1:15p; and Wednesday 7/27/2022, 12-1:15p. Register here.

2022 AWHONN National Convention

With a little more than a month to go, the 2022 AWHONN Convention taking place, June 25-29 at the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center, will be the ultimate nursing Convention of the summer. In-Person or In-House — The Choice Is Yours: AWHONN is excited to offer the option to participate in the 2022 AWHONN Convention without you having to take away from work or travel. Attendees who register for our Live Stream/On-Demand program will be able to view some of the most popular sessions from the main stage, as well as receive on-demand access to sessions through August 22, 2022. Check out the full list of sessions.

ACNM’s Diversity and Inclusion Conference

Learn from experts who will demonstrate how to guide, influence, and manage change to create inclusive experiences. Topics will include creating a culture of inclusion, inclusive sexual health, race as a social construct, implicit bias, reproductive justice, LGBTQ/nonbinary care, and proudly announcing our Opening Keynote Speaker... Nikole Hannah-Jones! Registration includes access to two days of virtual content, with a pre-conference day of workshops available to add-on. Pre-conference August 7, 2022; Event August 8-9, 2022.

To view previously listed educational opportunities, please visit our website at

Job Opportunities

ARIA (Anti-Racism In Action)

The California Nurse-Midwives Association’s Reproductive Justice and Anti-racism (RJAR) Committee in conjunction with the California Nurse-Midwives Foundation (CNMF) are actively recruiting a Program Lead to coordinate our program ARIA (Anti-Racism in Action). We are looking for a dynamic and self-motivated applicant with experience and dedication to health equity in midwifery and birthwork. This individual will apply Reproductive Justice and Anti-racism principles to help us live our values through organizing, community building, and retention efforts geared towards Midwives of Color (MOC). Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Midwives, birthworkers, and community members are strongly encouraged to apply. CNMA RJAR is a BIPOC lead committee that houses both BIPOC members and white allies committed to dismantling white supremacy in birthwork. Please review the job description and email a cover letter and resume/CV to California Nurse Midwives Foundation by June 15, 2022.

Best Start Birth Center

Best Start Birth Center is seeking part-time & full time CNMs, and offering fellowship opportunity(s) for local CNMs. This will be a dream job for the right midwife! This is an excellent opportunity to learn and improve Natural Childbirth skills. Ideal candidates will have a desire to provide individualized and high-quality freestanding birth center care. Position entails OB/GYN clinic, being “on-call”, triaging patients, providing prenatal care, and delivering babies in a freestanding birth center. Must have current AMCB certification, California RN License, California CNM License, California Furnishing License, BLS and NRP Certification. Proficiency in Spanish is preferred but not required. New graduates will be considered! Send CV to Karen Roslie.

Golden Oak Midwives

Golden Oak Midwives is growing! To meet our community’s needs and support GO midwives’ work/life balance, we are adding a Full-time Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) to our thriving practice. We’re excited to hire a midwife who deeply believes in the midwifery model of care and desires to practice their craft while balancing evidenced-based care. The new CNM will work a mix of weekend & weekday call shifts and spend one full day in the office per week. The ideal candidate will have both in-hospital and out-of-hospital birth experience; be able to precept students; and be a midwife dedicated to working with diverse populations reflective of the Oakland/East Bay Area. This position is competitively compensated based on six to eight 24-hour call shifts per month. The position also includes four clinic days/month. Candidates must be willing to work official holidays should they fall on their call schedule. Malpractice coverage will be paid by Golden Oak. Please email resume and individualized cover letter to We will respond to all applications. Further questions, please contact us at

Kaiser Roseville

Over the last year the Kaiser Roseville CNM group has grown from 14 to 27 CNMs. We are looking for just a few more amazing midwives to complete our team. Experienced CNMs preferred, with consideration for new graduates.

Apply and learn more here, or email Marni Barrs, CNM Chief, at for more information.

Sutter Santa Cruz

Sutter in Santa Cruz is hiring two fulltime CNMs. Six months experience required, bilingual (Spanish) preferred. Successful completion required upon hire or within 3 months of hire of a CNM First Assistant at Cesarean Section Course. Learn more and apply here.

Medi-Cal Rx

The Medi-Cal Rx Monthly Bulletin for May is available. The monthly bulletin consists of alerts and notices posted to the Bulletins & News page on the Medi-Cal Rx Web Portal. Sign up for the Medi-Cal Rx Subscription Service to be notified when new information is posted. Additional information is available below:

Midwife Crush Mondays!

Do you know an amazing Midwife who is doing revolutionary work? We want to feature them on our social media platforms!

CNMA is looking for submissions for our new social media series “Midwife Crush Monday” where we highlight the stories of trailblazing midwives across the industry who are making a difference in the midwifery profession. You can even submit yourself!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Midwife’s name (include pronouns)

  • Affiliated organization(s)

  • Why you became a midwife (and anything awesome you’d like to brag about)

  • Headshot/Photo if available

  • Bonus: Please include social media handles for tagging!

Please send submissions to for consideration!


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