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California Nurse-Midwives Association

OCTOBER 2020 | Newsletter



Table of Contents:

National Midwifery Week 2

Recap of 9/26 Annual Meeting And A Farewell!! 3

Support Sarah Davis, LM for CA State Assembly, District 78 5

SB 1237 - What’s Next? 5

Midwives need full medical privileges! 6

Attention lapsed or new members! Flash sale Oct 5th to Oct 8th! 6

CNMA Stands with the Black Lives Matter Movement - Justice for Breonna Taylor 7

CNMA stands with whistleblower Dawn Wooten and condemns forced sterilizations 7

Spotlight on Antiracism 7

Midwives in the News 8

ACOG District IX Antiracism Webinar Series 8

Wisdom of A Midwife Docu-Series 8

Maternal Mental Health 8

Questions? News? Want to get involved? 9


National Midwifery Week

October 4-10th

Thank you to all the midwives and student midwives for your hard work and commitment to supporting birthing persons! We hope that you take time during this week to celebrate yourself and your colleagues.

During National Midwifery Week, CNMA would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the huge contribution of our Licensed Midwife colleagues in their important role in maternal health in California. We appreciate the incredible dedication and steadfast commitment Licensed Midwives give every day to birthing individuals and their families!


Recap of 9/26 Annual Meeting And A Farewell!!

For those of you who attended the zoom meeting on 9/26, feel free to skip this portion of the newsletter! For those of you who were not in attendance, I wanted to provide a short recap and send a farewell to all of you!

We had approximately 175 individuals register for the meeting and approximately 126 joined. This was the largest Annual meeting we've ever had! If you attended please follow this link to complete the Continuing Education Evaluation, please keep in mind that this evaluation needs to be completed by October 5th to receive your CE certificate. All certificates will be sent out after the October 5th deadline.

If you were unable to make it, you can view the recording of the meeting here. The meeting agenda can be found here. You can still receive CEs for listening to the educational portion of the meeting as long as you complete the Continuing Education Evaluation

by October 5th.

Every CNM in the state should take the time to watch the educational portion by Ana Delgado and the panelists. You can find just Ana's presentation and the panel here. CNMA thanks them for sharing their incredible knowledge and personal stories.

The Meeting was a time for celebration but we began with reflection over the past year. It was important for us to collectively acknowledge the challenges and devastation that the year 2020 has been. These challenges include a pandemic, fire storms raging, police brutality, killing of innocent individuals, ongoing intolerable injustices to black people and communities of color, a toxic political environment, and individuals living in perpetual fear.

We took time to acknowledge some very recent and devastating but not unexpected events. We've witnessed the unwillingness of the Grand Jury to indict the individuals responsible for the murder of Breonna Taylor; we've witnessed the strength and courage of Nurse Dawn Wooten, the ICE whistleblower; and we acknowledged the devastating reality of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing. A moment of silence was shared.

While acknowledging these events, we also recognized the ongoing collective strength & resilience that we have always seen and will continue to see from communities that are most impacted by this ongoing oppression. We thanked the midwives of color who have engaged with CNMA and we will continue to work to earn their trust and listen to their voices. Going forward, if we fail at this in any way, please reach out to one of us.

For all that 2020 has been, it will also always remain the year that we succeeded in removing the grinding and unrelenting weight of physician permission to practice. This is a monumental and unprecedented time for all nurse-midwives, aspiring midwives, & the communities we serve. In this process, given all these difficulties, we have seen the best our team and all of you have had to offer. We also see this in our country with the loud outcries, the calls to action, the protests, and the outrage. This gives me some faith that we have the ability to rise above many of these seemingly unsurmountable challenges; and for that, I am grateful.

Speaking from my perspective as your outgoing President, I could not be more proud of the work we have collectively accomplished. In saying this, I am speaking for ALL the individuals who have fought for change in our organization and their communities for decades. As Holly said, this Board is privileged to be here at this celebratory moment, but this is because of the work of so many who have come before us. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of them.

The Transition of the Board of Directors:

Individuals leaving the Board:

Rebecca Garrett-Brown: So Cal Rep

Ana Rapaport: Nor Cal Rep

Evelynn Dronberger: Student Rep CSUF

Kathleen Belzer: President to Immediate Past President

Individuals joining the Board:

Maria Ramos: Board Representative

Brittany Edwards: Board Representative

Mayra Lizzette Yniguez and Elena Gutierrez: Student Representative (Shared UCSF role)

This will be a voting position going forward

Paris Maloof Bury: Incoming President transitioning to President

Current & Ongoing Board Members:

Jyesha Wren: Reproductive Justice/Anti-Racism Advisory Committee Chair and voting Board member

Ali Young: Secretary

Elizabeth Smith: Treasurer (2nd term)

Jillian Cauley: Nor Cal Rep/Annual meeting planning Chair

Betsy Jenkins: So Cal Rep

Maribeth Claassen: Central Cal Rep