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February 2019 | Newsletter


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Governor Newsom announces first ever California Surgeon General

CMQCC: My Birth Matters Campaign

CNMA TASK FORCE: Birth Certificate Data Reporting

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There was an important webinar this week on Jan 30th by CMQCC on the topic of BIRTH CERTIFICATE DATA ENTRY. We are involved in a large project to help ensure that midwives are getting added to the birth certificates of our patients we are delivering because our numbers are being largely underreported. See our previous newsletter for more details, or visit CMQCC’s Maternal Data Center page for more information. From the webinar on Wednesday, we wanted to bring to everyone’s attention a crucial nugget from the discussion:

'Importantly, on the most recent CMQCC webinar that addressed reporting of CNM-attended births, it was clarified that if you are supervising a midwifery student or resident, the birth attendant reported on the birth certificate should be the provider supervising the resident or midwifery student. Please distribute this information to your departments, birth clerks, and CNM colleagues.'

Keep your ear to the ground, CNMA will do our best to keep you updated on how you can help. Stay tuned for more information!


Governor Newsom announces first ever California Surgeon General

Governor Gavin Newsom announced the appointment of Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, a national leader in pediatric medicine, as California’s first-ever Surgeon General, and Kris Perry, a national leader in early childhood policy, as Deputy Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency for Early Childhood Development and Senior Advisor to the Governor on Implementation of Early Childhood Development Initiatives. There is overwhelming consensus in the scientific community around early warning signs and childhood determinants of serious health outcomes. As Surgeon General, Dr. Burke Harris will urge policymakers at every level of government and leaders across the state to consider the social determinants of health, especially for children. Her work will focus on combating the root causes of serious health conditions — like adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress — and using the platform of Surgeon General to reach young families across the state.

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We’d love to hear from anyone who knows or has worked with Dr. Burke Harris. If so, please contact advocacy@cnma.org.


CMQCC: My Birth Matters Campaign