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California Nurse Midwifery Association February 2021 | Newsletter

Updated: Feb 23, 2021



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Black History Month

Welcome to February and to Black History Month! I hope you’ll join me in celebrating those who have come before us, and in honoring the roots of American Midwifery. As a reminder, our profession was not born in Kentucky. If you haven’t yet, be sure to read Into the Light of Day and Listen to me Good: The life story of an Alabama midwife, both by Linda Janet Holmes. And while you’re at it, keep up with the powerful Reproductive Justice work being done today by groups like SisterSong, Black Mamas Matter Alliance, Black Women for Wellness, and ACNM’s Midwives of Color Committee. As I think about Black History Month, I can’t help but also reflect upon our profession, and how much we owe to Black Midwives.

But there is a dark side to the intersection of midwifery and medicine. Collectively, we have just survived the historic year of 2020: the year that the World Health Organization deemed the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife; the very year that a once-in-a-century pandemic brought to a standstill; and the same year that people gathered together in unprecedented numbers to cross color lines in protest of the perpetual murder of Black people by police. 2020 marked the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth, a pioneer in nursing whose work was tainted by racism and white supremacy, and whose colonialist leanings have undeniably shaped modern healthcare and contribute to the racism-based disparities that permeate our systems to this day. In Decolonising the Nursing Profession, Timothy Carey explores this legacy, which we as nurse-midwives are heir to.

This is more than our history; it is our debt. We have the duty to look at, to examine, and to dismantle those parts of our profession that still do harm; and to build, strengthen, and uplift every opportunity for equity and for justice. I hope you’ll join me this month--and every month--in doing the work of antiracism, of rebuilding midwifery, and of finally giving birth to the world we’ve been dreaming of. Here’s to Black Midwives.

Paris Maloof-Bury, CNM, IBCLC

President, California Nurse-Midwives Association


CNMA Webinar

The latest SB-1237 webinar is finally finished and ready for you to view! This video is especially helpful for hospitals, administrators, and healthcare leaders who are considering integrating midwives into their systems. Please share widely and help us scale up access to midwifery in California!


CNMA Midwife Survey

As we work to implement SB 1237, we want to make sure we are taking direction from you, the midwives of California. We hope you will take a moment (we think it will take ~10min) to fill out this survey to help us to understand the specific areas where you hope CNMA will take action to better serve you, the midwifery profession, and most importantly the people, families and communities we serve.