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AUGUST 2019 | Newsletter

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

California Nurse-Midwives Association

AUGUST 2019 | Newsletter

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It’s time to REGISTER for the 2019 Annual CNMA meeting!

DONATE TO CNMA’s new 501c3!

OPEN POSITIONS for the CNMA board of directors- CNMA wants YOU!

Mindful Birthing Teacher Training Opportunity

Questions? News? Want to get involved?

It’s time to REGISTER for the 2019 Annual CNMA meeting!

Meeting Highlights


Karen Scott, MD Keynote Speaker

Topic: Choosing Courage Over Comfort: Using Reproductive Justice to Move Us from Bias and Blame to Accountability and Autonomy

Dr. Karen A. Scott, MD, MPH, FACOG, is a Reproductive Justice (RJ) informed sexual, reproductive, and perinatal epidemiologist and obstetric hospitalist. As a "dissident, disruptive, and recovering" board certified OBGYN and critical public health scholar, her work is accomplished through the application of cultural rigor and a RJ praxis in sexual and reproductive health education, health service provision, health services research, and community informed hospital based QI initiatives. Dr. Scott’s clinical and research interests include the analysis of structural, institutional, and interpersonal factors that inform health care access, quality and utilization, focusing on equitable patient-provider and community-hospital partnerships and shared decision making.

Currently, Dr Scott is an assistant adjunct professor in the Family Health Care Nursing Department at the University of California San Francisco, the Director of California Birth Equity Collaborative with the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative, and a 2018-2019 Women's Policy Institute State Fellow in Reproductive Justice with the Women's Foundation of California.

Brenda Jackson DNP, FNP, CNM

Topic: “Midwives as Opinion Leaders & Change Agents”

Brenda will present on various projects she has led while exploring this concept in action. This will include a breakout session and discussion.

Brenda serves as Director of the Clinical Care Improvement for Clinical Quality in The Kaiser Permanente Foundation. She leads and supports the national teams for Women & Children’s Health, Multiple Sclerosis, and the Safety Management System. Her work has emphasized interregional, multidisciplinary collaboration to implement strategic advancement in patient quality, safety and care experience.

Angie Magana, CNM, NP

Topic: Sexual and Gender Minority Health

Angie Magana has been a program manager at the Los Angeles LGBT Center in Hollywood CA from 2014 to the present providing outstanding culturally competent healthcare in a FQHC with a primary focus on endocrinology, gynecology and sexual health. Among other projects, she has launched a successful program focused on female sexual minority patients, she has managed cross gender hormone therapy for successful and safe transition in accordance with WPATH standards of care; and she has acted as primary resource and trainer for other practitioners to facilitate education and practice updates in transgender medicine and gynecologic health.

Cost of Registration:

$100.00 for members

(Nonmembers receive the 100.00 rate if you show evidence of joining CNMA when you register)>>> Now is a GOLDEN opportunity to join!!

$145.00 for nonmembers

$75.00 for students and retirees!

Fundraiser: Wine and Cheese Social

10/4/19: Oeno Vino in Atwater Village.

Time: 6:00pm.

Cost $20.00

This fee will provide a drink ticket, an amazing venue, and a raffle and/or silent auction. There will be a wide variety of food and additional drink for purchase.

CNMA will split the proceeds with the LA Chapter of CNMA.

Midwife BNB:

If you need a place to stay or if you have a place to offer a CNM or SNM, we will provide a way for you to connect…what a wonderful way to network and save on costs!! This can be a great service for students who wish to attend but need to keep costs down.

We will provide a link to the website and/or Facebook soon.


DONATE TO CNMA’s new 501c3!

CNMA is launching a new 501c3, the California Nurse-Midwifery Foundation. The new California Nurse-Midwifery Foundation will hopefully fund many important projects, such as recruiting black and indigenous people of color to our profession; and assisting students from marginalized or less represented communities with their educational costs.

Please consider donating to this important new venture!!!

Suggested donation: 50-100$

You can donate HERE!


OPEN POSITIONS for the CNMA board of directors- CNMA wants YOU!

Please consider serving on the CNMA Board. We have open positions that need to be filled and we are down to the wire!! The ballots need to go out mid August so the new officers can be announced and begin their term at our Annual meeting on October 5th. One of our goals is to have a more inclusive and diverse Board, so everyone please think of likely candidates and encourage them to run.

The open positions are Secretary, President Elect, and Regional Reps (North, South, Central), Social Media Team Chair; and a Student Rep from the Fullerton program. Terms are 2 years with the exception of President Elect (this is one year and then President for 2 years). President Elect will overlap with me for a year and then I will remain as a guide.

Speaking from experience, it is incredibly rewarding and you will be involved at at time when we are making great strides to move our profession forward in many ways.

Please contact me if you are considering running or want to nominate someone. I am happy to talk you through it and give you more information.

More details here.

Email if you’d like to get involved!


Mindful Birthing Teacher Training Opportunity

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I’m delighted to let you know that the Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation is accepting applications to the recently expanded live-online Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Teacher Training (MBCPTT) program. In this professional training, participants who wish to bring mindfulness practice to the expectant parents in the communities they serve, develop the skills and knowledge necessary to teach MBCP during the remarkably transformative time of pregnancy and childbirth.  This unique training is open to all perinatal healthcare providers, including midwives, obstetricians and doulas, as well as mental health professionals. 

If you might be interested in learning to teach MBCP, you can find more information about the program here:

The online application can be found here: MBCPTT Application

Research providing the evidence-base for MBCP continues to grow, demonstrating the benefits of the MBCP program. You can read recently published articles about MBCP here: MBCP Research

Our online trainings include professionals from all over the world. If you know of others who might be interested in training to teach MBCP, please feel free to share this post and the attached flier.

With warmest wishes,


Nancy Bardacke, CNM, MA

Founding Director

Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP)


Questions? News? Want to get involved?

Email us at

That's all for this month's issue. Catch you next time!


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