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Why Lobby Day Really Matters This Year

A Pulse Check On Sacramento

CNMA Has Hired A Policy Strategist: Meet Andrew Crutchfield

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Why Lobby Day Really Matters This Year

Hello CNMs,

We are fast approaching Lobby Day 2019! Join us at the Capitol on May 7th from 9am-5pm. Lobby Day is an important opportunity to inform our own district legislators on why access to midwifery and removal of supervision is important. Additionally, CNMA has become an official co-sponsor SB-464. This bill, titled the California Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act authored by Senator Holly J. Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) and Assemblymember Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), would require all perinatal healthcare providers, including physicians, nurses, midwives and frontline personnel, to participate in an implicit bias training designed to curtail the impact of bias on maternal health, and will mandate data reporting of pregnancy-related deaths in a way that better informs the public, policy makers, and improvement initiatives.

It’s been a busy year already for the Health Policy Committee and Health Policy Work Group. Last fall we wrote an extensive strategic plan for the removal of supervision in 2020 or 2021. We prioritized five main focus areas for building a strong foundation for our ultimate goal of full practice authority:

Rebuilding and growing the health policy committee

Engaging in strategic research (e.g. through health law experts on potential non-legislative routes toward supervision removal, and engaging in California-specific research on the cost-effectiveness and outcomes of CNM care)

Improving our legislative presence and considering other “incremental” legislative opportunities

Developing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders

Developing a PR strategy and effective messaging

I am ecstatic to say that while we are only 4 months into 2019, we are deeply and actively engaged in each one of these focal points. Getting to full practice authority will be a step-by-step, brick-by-brick endeavor, and thus far we are putting each piece in place. Your job as a CNM constituent involves the last three points. But don’t worry, your job isn’t hard. We only ask that you show up and support this process. Please join us for Lobby Day. Let’s make our voices heard, keep a CNM presence at the Capitol, and work toward our ultimate goal of making nurse-midwifery care more accessible. We can’t do it without you! REGISTER HERE. As always, we’ll meet up for good drinks, warm hugs, and great conversation directly following Lobby Day events.


Holly Smith, CNM

CNMA Health Policy Chair



Find out more about this bill and our co-sponsors here , here, and here.


A Pulse Check On Sacramento

CNMA President, Kathleen Belzer, and Social Media Team member, Elizabeth Kicko, spent the day knocking on doors in Sacramento last month, doing a mix of social visits and lobbying for some bills coming down the pipeline in the current legislative cycle. CNMA is supporting AB 890, a Nurse Practitioner bill to remove physician supervision. “This bill would authorize a nurse practitioner who holds a certification as a nurse practitioner from a national certifying body to practice without the supervision of a physician and surgeon if the nurse practitioner meets specified requirements, including having practiced under the supervision of a physician and surgeon for an unspecified number of hours.” The passage of this bill would not only affect the more than 50% of Nurse-Midwives who are also Nurse Practitioners, but would help pave the way for removal of