Maternity Care In Several Cities May Be At Risk Due To OB-GYN Shortage

By Morgan Brinlee

Sep 18, 2019

Women in major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, and Detroit, may soon find it harder than normal to find an obstetrician and gynecologist, known more commonly as an OB-GYN. In fact, maternity care in several cities may be at risk due to a growing OB-GYN shortage, according to a new study from Doximity, an online networking service for medical professionals. But what's causing this potentially dangerous shortage and why are millennial women thought to be more heavily impacted by it?

In examining data culled from its own network, which reportedly counts more than 70 percent of physicians in the United States as members, Doximity found that a growing shortage of OB-GYNs across the nation may pose a "potential crisis" for women's health care. But while all women are likely to suffer, one age group may feel the effects of the shortage harder, according to Doximity.

"The projected OB-GYN shortages across the nation pose serious concerns for women's reproductive care," Amit Phull, M.D., the vice president of strategy and insights at Doximity, said in a statement. "This is particularly concerning for millennials, who are already waiting longer to start a family due to a variety of economic and social factors. Older women are at greater risk of complications during pregnancy, which requires more than average visits with an OB-GYN."