MARCH 2019 Newsletter

California Nurse-Midwives Association

MARCH 2019 | Newsletter

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  1. California Birth Center Association Bill

  2. SB 1109: Controlled substances. Schedule II Drugs: Opioids

  3. Birth Certificate Accuracy Project

  4. CNMs as MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) Providers

  5. BORN Mentor Program

  6. SNM Scholarship Opportunity

  7. UC San Diego Transgender Health Care Symposium

  8. Cal Poly Pomona Invites You To Attend

  9. CNMA Student Corner: SNMs Seeking Clinical Sites

  10. Orange County, California Birth Center Business Opportunity

  11. Midwives for Haiti

  12. Cannabis + Pregnancy? A Survey

  13. Questions? News? Want to get involved?

An Update about Lobby Day 2019, Including Registration, Will Be Sent Out Later This Week!