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CNMA Newsletter - May 2024


Message from the President

Dear Community,

As it so often does for all of us, life threw some new challenges my way this month and I’m way behind on the newsletter. But that’s the beauty and the dance of life, isn’t it? Shifting priorities, making room for what is needed most in this moment, changing plans… always changing plans! 

Meanwhile, the world has just celebrated the Day of the Midwife in one breath, and Mother’s Day in the next. It is no accident that at the height of spring we honor both the embodiment of fertility and generosity, and those whose work is service to the Great Mother. 

To me, motherhood and midwifery represent the endless cycle of giving and receiving; of love and gratitude. During childbirth, the mother is powerful in her vulnerability, in a space to receive support and care, and to do so ideally with a strong sense of worthiness and gratitude. And those of us who serve women and birthing people in this space channel generosity, compassion, and the equanimous wisdom to know that it is not about us or even outcomes, but that we stand with Her no matter what. This endless, rhythmic cycle of giving and receiving propels us forward in a spiraling fractal of love and creativity through cooperative service and community. And in that space of innate wisdom and love, life lives us. 

May we always stand WITH each other, both in loving generosity and in grateful receptivity. 

As always, I’m available by email at and by text at (805) 415-2553.

In the spirit of service and solidarity,

Paris Maloof-Bury, CNM, IBCLC

President, California Nurse-Midwives Association


Health Policy Updates

Go to to catch up on health policy initiatives and advocacy efforts, including our efforts to retain the master's degree program for nurse-midwifery at UCSF. Additionally, both of the bills CNMA is co-sponsoring have passed the Assembly Health Committee and are on their way to the Assembly Appropriations Committee! 

CNMA is the convener of Midwifery Access California, a multi-year, multi-stakeholder initiative to improve midwife-led care in Medi-Cal. Want to learn more, or want to join? Go to

Midwifery Access California is also hosting a 2024 webinar series on the State of Midwifery in California. 


May is Maternal Mental Health Month 

Maternal Mental Health Month Social Media Toolkit

This year we invite you to join the#WeAre1in5 campaign and bring together the voices of perinatal mental health disorder (PMHD) survivors around the world. We will share a diverse selection of stories that tell the struggles, hope, and recovery of those who have been affected by a PMHD.

With your help, we hope to bring together PMHD survivor stories from different cities, cultures, religions, and countries across the globe through our social media campaign #WeAre1in5. We want every new mom to know: You are not alone. Click here for our 2024 Maternal Mental Health Month Social Media Toolkit.

The First Digital Therapeutic for Maternal Mental Health is Approved by the FDA


By the Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health

Curio’s MamaLift Plus™ is an eight-week prescription digital therapeutic that provides symptomatic relief for postpartum depression.

Digital therapeutics (DTx) represent a promising frontier in healthcare, leveraging app-based software to deliver targeted interventions for various health conditions. Digital therapeutics are prescribed by healthcare providers and are subject to rigorous clinical evidence requirements and regulatory oversight, similar to medication or medical devices. 

This week, the first DTx for maternal mental health, MamaLift Plus™, was approved by the FDA. The treatment, developed by Curio, was studied by randomized control trial. Patients with mild to moderate postpartum depression who used the treatment improved by four or more points on the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS). 

The prescribed app leverages proprietary algorithms and personalized digital behavioral interventions to facilitate timely identification and care.  The treatment includes 

provides bite-sized daily lessons based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), on-demand, self-paced lessons developed by experts, the ability to uncover trends & gain actionable insights on mood, activity, sleep, & health vitals tracking, and includes live health coaches & therapists.

The app is to be used as an adjunct to clinician‐managed outpatient care.

According to the company, the FDA-approved program/app will be available in summer 2024. The Policy Center’s menu of treatment options will be updated when this new product hits the market. 

As the range of new treatments for maternal mental health disorders evolve, the Policy Center will continue to monitor and report on the availability as well as access and coverage issues related to these treatments, including digital therapeutics, as these treatments hold significant promise in expanding the toolkit available to healthcare professionals, ultimately enhancing the quality of care for patients.


Education, Trainings, and Webinars

AWHONN Read Between the Lines: Integration of Intermittent Auscultation into Clinical Practice

May 15, 2024 | 1 pm Eastern | Virtual 

Led by expert obstetric care professionals, this session delves deep into the vital role of intermittent auscultation, offering insights for obstetricians, midwives, nurses, and passionate health care providers. Secure your spot today to elevate your practice and enhance maternal and fetal health outcomes.

Pricing: $25 members | $39 nonmembers

1.5 nursing contact hours

Perinatal Mental Health Alliance for People of Color -  World Forum on Maternal Mental Health 2024 in Spanish

Together with other Spanish-speaking organizations worldwide, this year’s theme is #UniversalMaternalPerinatalMentalHealth in the hope no mother or family will be alone in facing the emotional challenges the perinatal period can bring.

The Forum brings together more than 20 Spanish-speaking perinatal professionals, providers, and survivors from around the world to continue to educate and raise awareness about the importance of mental health care at this stage, the systemic failures that perpetuate the development of perinatal mental health disorders, the needs that exist, the progress that has been made, and the proposals that can change the reality for mothers, fathers, and families around the world.

  • Listen to keynotes and panel discussions with experts and perinatal survivors

  • Attend a bilingual (Spanish & English) public screening of a postpartum film

  • Join a networking event for professionals where we will continue to build perinatal networks to make this movement universal

  • Download our toolkit with free text and graphics to share and advocate for maternal mental health on social networks

*Please note this forum will be held in Spanish and the only bilingual event will be the documentary.

You can register here and download the toolkit in English and Spanish.

Congressional Briefing: Including Maternal Mental Health State Report Cards Release

Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 - 8:30 - 10:00 AM ET | Virtual

During this in-person briefing hosted by Mom Congress, members of Congress and their staff will be briefed on critical issues and opportunities to improve the lives of mothers and families. The briefing will include the unveiling of the 2024 Maternal Mental Health state report card and pathways to supporting maternal mental health at both the state and federal levels -including the new Maternal Mental Health Task Force strategic priorities.

Leading a Midwifery Practice: How and Why

May 17-18, 2024 | 10:00 am -2:00 pm each day

This workshop is for midwifery practice leaders (and aspiring leaders). For 2, 4-hour sessions, you will explore components of leadership, financial management, strategic planning, staffing, quality management, and performance evaluation. This course will provide opportunities to engage in an in-depth exploration of what establishing and maintaining a midwifery practice entails.

Participants will receive a workbook that includes all workshop slides, example forms for processes discussed, and worksheets to outline their own next steps and action plans. This is an 8-hour workshop split between two days (Friday and Saturday).

ACNM 2024 Business Meeting

May 22nd | 6pm-9pm ET | Virtual 

We are excited to host the 2024 Annual Business Meeting virtually this year! A virtual meeting has many advantages, but the one we are most excited about is the ability for more of our members to participate. This is an opportunity for members to engage with colleagues, share opinions about issues impacting the profession, as well as hear from leadership of ACNM regarding the status of the National Office, and the path forward.

Who can attend?

Per the ACNM Bylaws, business meetings are open to all members, although voting privileges are not extended to Associate or Student members. Associate and Student members are open to discuss and debate any motion that is presented, but may not cast an official vote in any elections.

Where will the meeting be held?

The 2024 ACNM Business Meeting will take place virtually on May 22th from 6 - 9 pm ET. Register Here or via the link below.

To register and access the Annual Business Meeting, you must have an account within our Learning Management System (LMS). If this is the first time you are logging in, please use these member codes when creating your account:

- Active Members: mem2023

- Student Members: studmem2023

"Safe in a Midwife's Hands: Birthing Traditions from Africa to the American South"

EBP Immersion Scholarships Summer 2024 

Do you want to impact clinical practice in your facility? There are several opportunities for members to earn a scholarship to attend a virtual evidence-based practice immersion program. This is a great opportunity to engage with AWHONN staff and network with AWHONN members who are working on evidence-based practice projects. We are excited to partner with The Ohio State University for the Helene Fuld Health Trust National Institute for Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and Healthcare Immersion.

Deadline to apply: May 31, 2024

Decisions will be made by mid-June 2024.

Perinatal Mood Disorders: Components of Care & Advanced Trainings

All training dates offer the 2-day Components of Care and 3rd-day Advanced Psychotherapy (unless marked). *=additional training available: 3rd-day Advanced Psychopharmacology.


Jun. 26-27*

Sep. 25-26*

Nov. 13-14*

ACNM: Advancing Breastfeeding Support and Skills for Midwives

A Webinar Series presented by midwife experts in breastfeeding and lactation medicine from across the country geared towards diving deep into topics that impact midwives, clinicians, and their lactating clients

June 19, 2024, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm ET

August 28, 2024, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm ET

October 30, 2024, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm ET

December 18, 2024, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm ET


ACNM: The Midwife as Surgical First Assistant

This course is designed specifically for midwives and addresses the promotion of vaginal birth, shared decision-making and informed consent, and functioning as an active member of the perioperative team. Attendees learn how to perform immediate pre-op preparation of the client for surgery, and during surgery provide optimal surgical exposure, participate in tissue dissection, ensure hemostasis, perform or facilitate wound closure, and perform other intraoperative functions to assist the surgeon in carrying out a safe operation that optimizes outcomes.

2024 First Assistant Virtual Workshop Dates — Registration is now open:

Tuesday, May 21 (10:00am – 3:00pm ET) Registration closes on Monday, May 6

37th Annual Postpartum Support International Conference

July 24-28 | Washington, D.C.

The Annual Conference will be held in Washington, D.C., July 24-28, 2024. The conference provides an opportunity to meet, learn, and share ideas with others involved in Perinatal Mental Health Disorders.

July 24-25, 2024: 2-Day Pre-Conference Certificate Courses

July 26-28, 2024: PSI Annual Conference

Breech Without Borders Trainings

Breech Training, Education, and Advocacy 

Bowling Green, KY, May 17 or 18 with Dr. Hayes:

Washington, D.C., May 20, 21, or 22 and 23 with Kristine Lauria, (Breech Training + Master Class)

Chicago, IL, July 20 or 21 with Kristine Lauria:

Ann Arbor, MI, September 14 & 15 with Kristine Lauria, (Breech Training + Master Class)

Grand Rapids, MI, September 17 & 18 with Kristine Lauria: (Breech Training + Master Class)

Traverse City, MI, September 21 & 22 with Kristine Lauria: (Breech Training + Master Class)

Willard, WI (Central WI), Sep 21 with Dr. Hayes:

See more information here. 

AWHONN 2024 Conference

The AWHONN Convention, taking place June 7-11 in Phoenix, is the ultimate meet-up for nurses caring for newborns and their families. Tap into a live event that not only helps you achieve your professional development goals but also offers you the unique opportunity to participate in an experience you can only get in person.

TEACH Abortion Training Curriculum

CME/CEU credit is now available for the TEACH Abortion Training Curriculum! Please share with your networks that the curriculum is ready for existing providers, learners, and educators with the following updates:

  • Up to 3 CME / CEU credit hours per chapter for each of 12 chapters (9 foundational, 3 advanced)

  • Updates to U.S. law and policy 

  • New Considerations for Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) Providers with map of 20 states where APCs can provide aspiration abortion (Chapter 9)

TEACH is now coordinating with various APC training programs and NAF to ensure the curriculum meets the needs of programs and various state initiatives

We anticipate undertaking the 8th edition of the curriculum for release in June 2025. Please join TEACH’s mailing list to receive updates on the newest edition!

Maternal Mortality Conference 

September 19, 2024 | In Person + Virtual Options

Maternal mortality rates are alarmingly high for all women, with a doubled incidence among African American and Native American populations. Contributing factors include limited access to care, insufficient financial resources and insurance, racial discrimination, cultural insensitivity, undocumented status, chronic medical conditions, mental health issues, pregnancy complications, addictive behaviors, restrictive laws, and partner abuse and violence. We invite submissions describing effective policies and programs that have successfully reduced maternal mortality.

All proposals for abstracts or posters should be submitted by 5 PM EST on May 31, 2024. For inquiries, please contact Dr. Phyllis Leppert at or Dr. Susan Stone at

AWHONN’s Obstetric Patient Safety (OPS): Obstetric Emergencies Workshop Is Coming to Phoenix!

June 7, 2024 | University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix, AZ

The Obstetric Patient Safety (OPS): Obstetric Emergencies Workshop is a course proactive in nature, empowering nurses and clinicians across perinatal, emergency, medical-surgical, ICU, and critical access settings in order to address and potentially reverse this concerning trend.

This one-day, in-person workshop delves into best practices for managing various obstetric emergencies. Through active simulations, participants hone their skills in recognizing and responding to patients during critical situations. Debriefing sessions following each simulation allow clinicians to reflect on successful aspects and identify areas for improvement. 

Pricing: $269 (Includes continental breakfast, lunch, and participant materials)

Nursing contact hours/CME: 10.75 hours (0.75 pharmacy hours) available through 05/31/2025

While this event takes place prior to the AWHONN Convention, it is not related to the Convention.


On-Demand Webinars Trending in The AWHONN Store

Read Between the Lines-Physiologic Logic: Eval. & Mgmt. of Uterine Activity | AWHONN

The relationship between uterine activity and fetal acid-base and uterine muscle acid-base are explored in this on-demand discussion led by Lisa A. Miller, CNM, JD.

1.5 nursing contact hours (CNE available through 10/10/2026)

Pricing: $25 members | $39 nonmembers

Conversations on Caring in Reproductive Health Nursing: Beyond Bars | AWHONN

This on-demand presentation sheds light on the crucial topic of reproductive and maternal care for individuals who are currently or have been incarcerated. This thought-provoking session explores the unique challenges this often-forgotten population faces as they try to access respectful and comprehensive health care services. With a focus on promoting equity and justice, we delve into discussions about these challenges and the barriers and discrimination these individuals may encounter when seeking care.   

1.0 nursing contact hours (NCPD activity available through 11/14/2026)

Pricing: Free for members | $50 nonmembers

Search for additional on-demand webinars on the AWHONN Store.

Hologic Medical Education Webinar Series 

Updating the Balance Between Benefits & Harms of Antenatal Corticosteroids

American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, November 20221

“We have known for >50 years that timing is everything in regard to ACS efficacy, but the precision in our administration timing has not improved.” AJOG November 2022.

A single course of antenatal corticosteroids (ACS) in mothers at-risk for preterm birth within 7 days is a life-saving intervention and is consistent with best clinical practice. Yet more than 50% of mothers given ACS do NOT deliver within the optimal 7-day window. ACS administration must be a thoughtful and considered action, rather than an indiscriminate reflex.

  • Term-born ACS-exposed babies have a markedly higher risk of developing:

  • Speech and language disorders

  • Scholastic skill disorders

  • Motor function impairment

  • Epilepsy

  • Cerebral palsy


Diversity Impact Conference: A Call for Abstracts

The deadline to submit abstracts is May 24, 2024, at 11:59 pm EST

"Representation Matters: Breaking Down Contributing Factors of Health Inequities"

We invite you to submit abstracts for poster and podium presentations for Diversity Impact 2024! The conference will be presented virtually. If accepted, your abstract will be published within Frontier Nursing University’s Digital Depot as an online supplement.

Objectives appropriate for poster or podium presentations:

- Define representation and examine its impact on health outcomes.

- Examine the state of maternal health in the United States.

- Reflect on ways to make health equity a shared value and organizational vision.

Learn More and Submit Your Abstract


Volunteers Needed!! 

CNMA is seeking a new volunteer for the role Liaison to the California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom (CCRF) 

Are you passionate about improving reproductive health care in California? Do you thrive on building connections and fostering collaboration? We have an exciting opportunity for you to step into a vital role as the California Nurse-Midwife Association liaison to the California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom (CCRF)!

You will be partnered with an experienced CNMA health policy team member to help you grow into the role, so if you're an experienced midwife with a background in policy or someone eager to grow into the role we would love to hear from you! 

Join us and get the inside scoop into how California Reproductive Health Policy is developed in California and help amplify the voice of midwives and the people we serve at that CCRF table and beyond! 

Interested? Send a note sharing why you are interested in the role to and we will set up a time to chat. 

About the organizations:

California Nurse-Midwife Association is the professional organization representing California’s Nurse Midwives and the people and communities that we serve. CNMA works towards an equitable California where all people have access to safe, evidence-based, trauma-informed reproductive healthcare through the advancement of the midwifery profession.

California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom (CCRF) is a statewide coalition of more than 40 organizations working to promote sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice. CCRF supports and facilitates member-driven initiatives including strategic communication, collaboration and collective policy advocacy to benefit California’s diverse communities that include genderqueer and non-binary people, cisgender and transgender women, and transgender men

About the team:

You will work closely with and be mentored and supported by CNMA Health Policy Chair & Vice Chair: Holly Smith and Liz Donnelly  

Holly & Liz have been the CCRF liaisons together since 2015. One of them will be in attendance at meetings with you to help you get up to speed and make connections. They will also provide regular support between meetings. 


  1. Experience working as a CNM (any practice setting, for any length of time!)

  2. Commitment to reproductive health rights and justice, including full throated support for abortion as an integral component to reproductive health care. 

  3. Understanding and commitment to the reproductive justice framework 

  4. Interest in health policy. Previous health policy experience is a bonus, but not required! 


  1. Meetings: 

  • Attend quarterly meetings with the California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom (CCRF). These meetings are usually ~4hrs virtual or 8hrs in person (we have not yet gone back to in person since covid). Meetings are held throughout the state and there is funding to support your transportation to/from in-person meetings. Your role at the meetings it to represent CNMA, the midwifery profession and the people we serve. Help CNMA to network & make connections with the organizations within CCRF support midwifery expansion and policies that improve care for the people and communities we serve. (2024 Dates: 2/22/24, 4/18/24, 6/27/24, 9/19/24, 11/21/24)

  • Attend CNMA quarterly health policy meetings: Report out to CNMA team on topics and issues coming up within CCRF. Keep abreast of CNMA policy priorities to help represent those within CCRF. (2024 Dates: 1/23/24; 4/23/24; 6/23/24; 10/23/24)

  • Optionally: If you are interested in more in depth insight you are welcome at our weekly policy meetings with the CNMA lobbyist. 

  1. Communication:

  • Monitor CCRF listserve to support timely engagement with partner organizations

To Apply: 

  • Send a note sharing why you are interested in the role to and set up a time to chat. 

California Clinician Focus Groups


Job Opportunities

On Call/ Short Hour CNM (Per Diem): Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA 

Kaiser Permanente in Oakland California is hiring.

Looking for CNM with at least a preferred two years of experience and teaching experience preferred. 

Reach out to if interested

Full Time CNM: South Coast Midwifery, Orange County, CA 

South Coast Midwifery Boutique Birth Center is a very supportive group of Midwives looking for another to join the group. Full time, part time and per diem position is available. Compensation is commensurate with experience and licensure. 


- every other weekend, 48-hour call (or similar)

- 2 clinic/24 hr call shifts per week 

- 1, 24 hour call shift every other week (clinic as needed)


- Paid Time Off

- Group health and dental benefits 

- CEU allowance 

- Eligible for company retirement program

- Group malpractice coverage

- Employee discounts 

- Annual salary + bonuses 

- Please Email Lorri Walker at or 949 654-2727

- Check out our Website at

Part Time CNM: South Coast Midwifery, Orange County, CA 

South Coast Midwifery Boutique Birth Center is a very supportive group of Midwives looking for another to join the group. Full time, part time and per diem position is available. Compensation is commensurate with experience and licensure.


- every other weekend, 48-hour call (or similar) 

- 1 clinic/24 hr call shift per week (option for 2 available)

- 1, 12 hour call shift per week 


- Paid Sick Leave

- Group malpractice coverage

- Employee discounts 

- Annual salary or per shift compensation 

- May maintain outside employment if desired 

- Please Email Lorri Walker at or 949 654-2727

- Check out our Website at


Medi-Cal Rx

Sign up for the Medi-Cal Rx Subscription Service to be notified when new information is posted!

See additional updates below:


ACNM Wants to Listen to YOU - CEO Conversations

Wednesdays | 4:00 PM ET 

Michelle Munroe, our CEO, is hosting weekly online meetings with members to listen and discuss ideas and concerns. Each week, 10 people can register for CEO Conversations. Please email


Midwife Crush Mondays!

Do you know an amazing Midwife who is doing revolutionary work? We want to feature them on our social media platforms! 

CNMA is looking for submissions for our new social media series “Midwife Crush Monday” where we highlight the stories of trailblazing midwives across the industry who are making a difference in the midwifery profession. You can even submit yourself!

Here’s what we’re looking for: 

  • Midwife’s name (include pronouns)

  • Affiliated organization(s) 

  • Why you became a midwife (and anything awesome you’d like to brag about)

  • Headshot/Photo if available

  • Bonus: Please include social media handles for tagging!

Please send submissions to for consideration! 

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