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CNMA Lobby Day 2019!

Today, May 7th, 2019, CNMA took about 50 of our members, students, and colleagues to Sacramento to lobby for improvements in our maternal-child health, reproductive justice, and anti-racism legislation. We came to show support to a few important bills that are paving the way for a better California for patients and providers. SB 464 is a bill that would require all healthcare providers involved in perinatal services at hospitals and alternative birth centers to undergo evidence-based implicit bias training. Additionally, we are following along with the progress of a Nurse Practitioner bill (that is after our own hearts!) to remove physician supervision in California. With an upcoming bill in our own futures, it is more important than ever to be present in Sacramento. Today and this year, we are aiming to increase awareness of CNMA, of what the certified nurse-midwife is, and to help the community understand the benefits of increasing access to midwifery care for families in California.

Every day is lobby day on social media! Help do your part by sharing our posts to your social media feeds. Help get the word out about midwives, about CNMA, and about what we are doing for Californians!


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