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Call to join the new Anti-Racism and Reproductive Justice Advisory Group to the CNMA Board!

Dear CNMA Members & Friends,

We are writing to invite you to join meeting the CNMA Anti-Racism Committee and workgroup.

The aim of this committee is to work towards addressing structural racism within CNMA and developing opportunities to redress the harm caused by racism within Midwifery and our larger community.

Members of the committee can be students, new-grads, practicing or retired CNMs. You do not need to have a current CNMA membership to join the workgroup. We encourage you to share this email with any midwives you know who are dedicated to anti-racism who may be interested in joining the committee.

We will meet monthly via zoom video with periodic opportunities for in person gatherings.

As this is an anti-racism working group, we ask that folks who plan to join have previous experience doing anti-racism work.

If you are interested in joining the group please indicate your interest by completing this google form. Please also read the following ACNM documents related to anti-racism:

Please also, understand the following background: This group is very new. Everyone involved is new to this work together, but not new to the work of anti-racism. We are intentionally opening this group up in the hopes of developing our larger community of CNMs committed to dismantling white-supremacy. We humbly ask that you join us in this work, and have patience with us as we co-create our vision for addressing structural racism and redressing harm caused by racism.

Feel free to reach to the group or any of us as individuals with any comments, questions or concerns. You can email our group at


Lisa Davis, CNM,

Chair of CNMA Anti-Racism Committee

Mar Schupp, SNM,

Student Representative to CNMA BOD

CNMA Anti-Racism Committee Member

Jillian Cauley

Northern California Rep on CNMA BOD

CNMA Anti-Racism Committee Member

Liz Donnelly

Vice-Chair CNMA Health Policy Committee

CNMA Anti-Racism Committee Member


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