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Midwifery Workforce Call to Action

Many would argue that the oldest profession is not prostitution, but in fact midwifery. And while we are taking strategic action to increase the ability of nurse-midwives to practice with full authority in this state, our workforce is unfortunately shrinking. Our numbers have decreased precipitously from 1,191 in 2011 to just 753 in 2019, and 48% of CNMs in this state are aged 55 or over. The challenges faced by our student midwives and educators are varied and complex, and CNMA is committed to addressing these through policy, advocacy, and innovative strategies to increase funding for education and support the growth of nurse-midwifery education programs.

But none of that will make a difference if our students don’t have your support: We need preceptors. Dozens of student applicants to the UCSF and CSUF midwifery programs are turned away each term simply because of the limited number of clinical sites and preceptors. And student midwives attending out-of-state schools face even greater challenges to clinical completion and graduation. Of course, all of these challenges have been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, but this has been a chronic and persistent issue.

We need YOU. First, I urge you to become a preceptor now. If you work at a facility that does not allow student midwives to precept, please advocate for a change to your facility’s policies. No excuses. Second, if you know other midwives who are not yet precepting students, call on them to join us in this action. Finally, in the coming weeks we hope to form a committee to focus on this call to action and to work with our educational and health systems to grow our midwifery workforce. If you are interested in participating in this committee, please email me directly at parisbury@gmail.com.

The future of midwifery lies in your baby-catching hands.

Thank you,