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California Nurse-Midwives Association

JULY 2021 | Newsletter



Message from the President

My message this month is simple: We need YOU!

Our election is just a few short months away, and we’re in need of candidates. If you’ve ever thought about serving on the CNMA Board of Directors but were worried you might not have what it takes, believe me when I say you are good enough! Don’t believe me? When I was nominated to serve as President, I was a new graduate nurse-midwife, less than a year out of school. If I can do this, so can you. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be willing! We’re building mentorship into our leadership structure, and I promise we won’t let you fail.

Want to serve, but not yet ready for the Board of Directors? Join one of our committees! Help develop and rediversify the midwifery workforce by joining the Midwifery Workforce Development and Education Support Committee, grow our membership by joining the Membership Committee, or help plan the upcoming Annual Meeting by joining our Continuing Education Committee! There is so much work to do, and we make it fun (I promise).

Now’s your chance to pad your CV and make new friends. Join us! Read on for more details and don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m super friendly and almost always caffeinated!

With seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm,

Paris Maloof-Bury, CNM, IBCLC

President, California Nurse-Midwives Association


Join the CNMA Board of Directors!

The CNMA annual election is coming soon, but first we need some candidates! If you’re interested in joining our highly productive team (and bulking up your CV in the process), now’s the time to jump in! Thinking about running, but not sure you’ve got what it takes? We’re committed to mentoring new board members in their role and setting you up for success. The following offices are up for election this Summer: President-Elect, Secretary, Central California Representative, and Northern California Representative.

President-Elect (10/2021-10/2025)

During the first year (10/2021-10/2022), the President-Elect is mentored and supported by the current President as they learn the role and prepare to take on leadership of the board of directors (BOD) and the affiliate. Duties include:

  1. Non-voting member of the BOD.

  2. Attend virtual BOD meetings and other committee meetings throughout the month to learn about the structure and inside operations within the association.

  3. Attend 2 in-person meetings annually that alternate between Northern and Southern California.

During the second and third years (10/2022-10/2024) the President’s duties include the following:

  1. Be the face of CNMA. Be prepared to give interviews, help draft legislation and correspondence when needed, advocate for midwifery and birthing people, stay up to date on health policy issues within the association and the state.

  2. Lead all BOD meetings (prepare the agenda, establish a quorum, get approval for the agenda, approve the minutes along with the secretary, make corrections, sign the minutes).

  3. Voting member of the BOD.

  4. Lead the CNMA Annual Meeting (present the awards, introduce speakers, recognize off going BOD members, and welcome incoming BOD members).

  5. Write the CNMA newsletter.

  6. Attend the ACNM Annual Meeting and represent CNMA during the California Affiliate Meeting and Regional Meeting.

  7. Communicate with the ACNM National Office when necessary.

During the fourth year (10/2024-10/2025), the Past President's duties include the following:

  1. Non-voting member of the BOD.

  2. Offer support and guidance to the sitting President.

  3. Serve as a source of continuity with other groups and organizations in California who have associations with ACNM and CNMA.

  4. Ensure historical context for important issues impacting CNMA and the BOD.

Secretary (10/2021-10/2023)

  1. Voting member of the BOD.

  2. Send out the agenda to all the BOD members 10 days before the BOD Meeting.

  3. Attend and take minutes during the BOD meeting.

  4. Send minutes to the President and other BOD members for corrections.

  5. Get signature on minutes once the corrections have been made.

  6. Send out final minutes to BOD members.

  7. Store minutes on Dropbox and keep Dropbox files organized.

  8. Two year term, may serve up to two consecutive terms

Northern California Representative (10/2021-10/2023)

  1. Voting member of the BOD.

  2. Attend monthly virtual BOD meetings.

  3. Develop relationships with the members of the region.

  4. Establish two-way communication with regional chapter chairs and members to update them on affiliate issues; and bring chapters’ and members’ issues, comments, needs, and requests from regional members to the BOD.

  5. Should attend their own chapter meetings.

  6. Help lead and organize in-district visits and advocacy efforts.

  7. Stay involved and participate in events in their region as a representative of CNMA.

  8. Two year term, may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Central California Representative (10/2021-10/2023)

  1. Voting member of the BOD.

  2. Attend monthly virtual BOD meetings.

  3. Develop relationships with the members of the region.

  4. Establish two-way communication with regional chapter chairs and members to update them on affiliate issues; and bring chapters’ and members’ issues, comments, needs, and requests from regional members to the BOD.

  5. Should attend their own chapter meetings.

  6. Help lead and organize in-district visits and advocacy efforts.

  7. Stay involved and participate in events in their region as a representative of CNMA.

  8. Two year term, may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Nominating Committee Members (10/2021-10/2024)

Three positions are open: one from each region of the state (Northern California, Central California, and Southern California). This committee is mandated by ACNM Affiliate Bylaws, but we have not had this committee in place in prior years. Our goal is to fill the three positions and then determine specific duties with feedback from the Reproductive Justice and Antiracism Advisory Group.

  1. Three positions are open (as described above).

  2. The nominating committee members’ duties will be determined more specifically in the future, but broadly speaking, the members of the committee will help to run the CNMA elections in the future as stated in the ACNM Affiliate Bylaws: “Compose an annual ballot and prepare ballots and disseminate them to voting membership no later than 45 days prior to the date of the annual meeting.”

  3. Members of the nominating committee may not run for any other elected office during their term.

  4. Three year term, may serve up to two consecutive terms.


Join a CNMA Committee!

Seeking Assistant Membership Chair!

The CNMA Membership Chair is seeking someone to fill an assistant membership chair role. The membership chair is responsible for communications with new and existing members as well as developing new and creative ways to increase membership and improve engagement. I am looking for someone to take part in brainstorming and carrying out ideas, as well as assisting with tasks such as emailing and updating membership records. This role can be tailored to fit your interests and skills. If you have a desire to help shape the future of our organization please contact Emily Carter at

Continuing Education Committee

The CNMA Continuing Education Committee is responsible for planning and hosting the CNMA Annual Meeting each year, and is now taking on the added responsibility of creating continuing education content that will be available through (coming soon!). Please consider joining this small and focused team. The work is targeted and specific, but there’s still plenty of room for creativity. Interested members, please contact

Midwifery Workforce Development and Education Support Committee

This new committee will focus on building and diversifying the CNM workforce in California, including strategizing to increase the number of clinical placement sites and preceptors in California, establishing and maintaining two-way communication between midwifery programs that have student nurse-midwives in California and the CNMA Board of Directors, and fostering and supporting student mentoring programs. They will work alongside the Student Representatives to the CNMA Board of Directors. Ideal candidates include any of the following:

  • Lead and Chief Midwives from practices throughout the state

  • At least one representative from each midwifery program that has student midwives in California

  • Midwives who are passionate about supporting students and educators

  • Midwives who are passionate about mentoring

  • Midwives who are passionate about scaling up midwifery in California

Please contact for more information.


Save the Date for the CNMA Annual Meeting!

The CNMA Annual Meeting will take place on November 6, 2021 in San Francisco. We will be offering a hybrid conference, with options for both in-person and virtual attendance. Stay tuned for more information, and be sure to save the date!


National Policy

Midwives for MOMS Act

ACNM encourages midwives and midwifery supporters to reach out to their House Representative and Senate members and urge support for the Midwives for Maximizing Optimal Maternity Services Act. This bipartisan/bicameral legislation seeks to increase access to high quality, evidence-based midwifery providers by creating federal grant funding opportunities for accredited midwifery education programs with the goal of diversifying our nation's midwifery workforce. Ask your legislators to co-sponsort the Midwives for MOMS Act TODAY!

Ask Your Legislators to Co-Sponsor the BABIES Act

The BABIES Act (H.R.337 / S.1716) was recently introduced in the 117th Congress. This bipartisan and bicameral bill seeks to promote accessible and affordable use of freestanding birth centers by Medicaid Beneficiaries. It would build off the Strong Start Initiative by creating a demonstration payment program under Medicaid. The legislation provides guidance to develop a prospective payment system (PPS) that would reimburse birth centers for prenatal care, perinatal, and postpartum mother and infant care. Now, we need your help to build momentum to advance this legislation. It's very important that your legislators hear from you. Ask your legislators to co-sponsor the BABIES Act today!


Education, Trainings, and Webinars

Postpartum Support International 34th Annual Conference

The annual PSI conference provides an opportunity to meet, learn together, and share ideas with others involved in the field of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs). This year's virtual conference will be held in an interactive conference hall where attendees can access sessions/recordings, e-Posters, exhibits, and conference information under one virtual roof. The conference will be held July 7-11, 2021 for live sessions. All conference registrants will be able to access and receive CEs for any recorded session. Register here.

Midwifery Works 2021 Call for Abstracts Now Open

If you have knowledge and expertise in an area related to the Business of Midwifery and want to share it with your peers, consider submitting an abstract for Midwifery Works 2021! The conference will take place October 1 - October 3, 2021, at the Guesthouse at Graceland in Memphis, TN. Midwifery Works is a professional development conference focused on helping midwives acquire and enhance their business and management skills. Sessions focus on the skills needed for a successful midwifery career, including quality management, leadership, financial strategies, technology, and more. Submission Deadline: July 12, 2021

The Science of ACEs and Toxic Stress (Part 2)

Join us on July 14, 2021 at 12 p.m. for the second in a series of free webinars that will explore the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress. This webinar will cover:

  • The importance of addressing early childhood adversity and its impact on long-term health outcomes.

  • The science behind how ACEs and toxic stress can impact brain health and lead to increased risk of ACE-Associated Health Conditions.

  • Trauma-informed clinical practice changes based on proven science-informed design principles of reducing sources of stress, strengthening core skills, and building responsible relationships.

Navigating COVID: Unpacking the Journey of Nursing

This AWHONN webinar will discuss the challenges faced in caring for women and newborns during COVID-19 and beyond and will include innovative strategies to alleviate fear and anxiety. July 20, 2021 1:00 - 2:15 PM. $25 for AWHONN Members, $39 for AWHONN e-members, $50 for non-members. 1.25 CEU provided. Register here.

Massive Obstetric Hemorrhage: What you need to know

The AWHONN Inland Empire Chapter is hosting the Massive Obstetric Hemorrhage: What you Need to Know Webinar on July 26, 2021 at 5:30 PM. This webinar is FREE to AWHONN members, $10 for non-members, and $5 for non-member students. 1.25 CNE will be provided. Register here.

Future of Nursing 2020-2030 Webinar Series

The NAM presents a 4-part webinar series that will explore the blueprint for the next decade of nursing as outlined in the consensus report titled Future of Nursing 2020-2030: Charting a Path to Achieve Health Equity, released in May 2021. The series will expand on addressing the roots of racial inequity and strategies nurses can employ to improve health outcomes, lifting barriers to expand nurses’ scope of practice, addressing nurses’ well-being, and diversifying the nursing workforces to address health equity. Register for each webinar discussion below:

AWHONN Education Town Hall: Public Policy Town Hall

Register for this town hall to learn about AWHONN’s government relations and advocacy for public policies to improve the health of women and their families. Government Affairs Director Seth Chase will explain AWHONN’s process for determining what policies and legislation AWHONN supports and will provide an update on legislation this year in Congress. This FREE program will include time for questions and answers. August 5, 2021, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM.

AABC Birth Center Onboarding Training

This new online education program from AABC provides birth centers with streamlined training for providers, clinical support staff, and administrative staff. It offers self-paced, interactive, birth center-focused training modules, and participants can earn CEUs. Modules include information on HIPAA, infection control, transfer and transport, medications, and more. Learn more here.

25th Anniversary Nurse Leadership Forum

Synova welcomes all perinatal and neonatal nurse leaders in person to the 25th Anniversary Nurse Leadership Forum November 14-18, 2021 in Tucson, Arizona. Join us as we gain the confidence to step up to new opportunities, develop skill in navigating uncomfortable yet important conversations, deconstruct our understanding of other cultures and demographics and how they impact our work, and advance our emotional intelligence to foster the development of our teams. Learn more and register here. Submit an abstract for a poster presentation or for a 20 or 60 minute speaking spot by September 1, 2021.


Scholarships and Grants

AABC Achievement Award

AABC is accepting nominations for the AABC Achievement Awards until July 15, 2021. Awards acknowledge those who are exemplary in their support of birth centers in one of five categories (professional, collaborating physician, community, public advocate, and media) and will be presented at the AABC Birth Institute October 7-10, 2021. Learn more here.

2021 Varney ACNM Foundation Leadership Award

The 2021 Varney A.C.N.M. Foundation Leadership Award ($1,500) will be made to two student members of ACNM to support their participation in a unique mentored student leadership experience. Award recipients will attend a one-day LEAD (Learn, Engage, Ascend, Deliver) Leadership Development Program (Sept. 30, 2021), followed by two days at the annual ACNM Midwifery Works Conference (October 1-2, 2021.) The $1,500 award will cover the cost of travel to the conference and other expenses; registration and accommodation costs will be complimentary. Mentorship will be provided by the A.C.N.M. Foundation's Chief Programs & DEI Officer, Maria Valentin-Welch, CNM, DNP, MPH, CDP, FACNM, and past Varney Award winners. This student experience is made possible through the generous financial support of Helen Varney Burst, MSN, CNM, DHL (Hon.), FACNM. Applications due by July 30, 2021.

Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships to attend AABC Birth Institute

AABC will be awarding at least 10 Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships for the 2021 AABC Birth Institute which will be held in person in San Diego from October 7-10, 2021. AABC recognizes the importance of diversity in birth center providers and the need for birth centers that provide culturally sensitive care to marginalized communities. Our goal is for AABC conferences and the member community to include, encourage, and recognize people of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, and sexual orientation. Learn more and apply by July 15 here.


ACNM Volunteer Opportunities

DEI Focus Group

The purpose of the ACNM DEI Survey is to gain a better understanding of the volunteer and member experience as part of the organization and in the midwifery field related to racism, bias and your general sense of belonging. It’s not too late to sign up for our focus groups. If you are interested in participating in the focus groups, please reach out to with "Interested in ACNM Focus Groups" in the subject line, and a member of their team will reach out for scheduling. The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, July 6th, 2021.


Apply by July 16, 2021 for any of the following opportunities:

  • Chair, Division of Organizational Capacity - Promotes the recognition of ACNM’s role as a leader in women’s health, reproductive health, and midwifery, and ensures ACNM has the resources to ensure volunteers can carry out ACNM’s strategic goals and initiatives.

  • Chair, Home and Birth Center Committee (HBCC) - Organizes regular meetings of the committee and facilitates the committee members’ work to achieve their goals.

  • Program Committee Member (2 Positions) - Plans, coordinates, and evaluates the educational content of the ACNM Annual Meeting. They also conduct the Annual Business Meeting, which involves the collaborative efforts of the Board, ACNM staff, contracted meeting partners, committee members, and vendors.

For more information, contact

Representative to AIM

The Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) is currently in the beginning stages of a project to develop a new patient safety bundle focused on sepsis in pregnant and postpartum individuals. We are seeking a representative from the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) to serve as a member of the expert working group. As a member of the working group, you would be responsible for developing and providing feedback on both a patient safety bundle and supporting commentary. Participation will entail:

• Participation in eight to ten (8-10) one-hour long conference calls/webinars

• Attendance at one four-hour virtual kick-off meeting in August 2021

• Contribution of approximately five (5) hours of independent work on bundle development and revision

For more information, contact To apply, click here.


Job Opportunities

CommuniCare Health Centers

We are recruiting a full-time, full scope CNM to join us at Communicare Health Center. We have several clinics throughout Yolo County and attend births at Sutter Davis Hospital. We have a wonderful team of supportive midwives and interdisciplinary staff serving a multicultural population. Spanish speaking ability and 2 years of clinical experience is a plus. We’re a longstanding midwifery group in Yolo County and are part of a nationally recognized, award winning CNM/OB collaborative practice model. Learn more and apply here.

Frontier Nursing University

Frontier Nursing University is hiring a part time Regional Clinical Faculty position. For more information, please contact Dr. Eileen Thrower, Clinical Director at

Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health

The editors of the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health (JMWH) are seeking candidates for a Deputy Editor. The JMWH Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editors comprise the Journal’s senior editors who direct the content, focus, and strategic development of the Journal. To apply, please email a curriculum vitae and letter of interest to Melissa Avery, JMWH Editor-in-Chief Elect at with questions. For more information, click here.

Nightingale Birth Center Closure: Space Available

The Nightingale Birth Center in San Mateo will be closing its doors in September. The founder would like to keep this beautiful space in the birth community and is looking for midwives, doulas, chiropractors, acupuncturists, lactation consultants, pelvic floor physical therapists, naturopaths, pediatricians, etc, who might want to rent an office space for a minimum of a one year term (but can be longer). For more information on renting the whole space or one of the offices within, visit the Craigslist ad here.

San Mateo Medical Center

San Mateo Medical Center has an immediate full time opening for a Nurse Practitioner in the OB/GYN Ambulatory Clinics at San Mateo Medical Center. Under general supervision, the Nurse Practitioner provides obstetric and gynecologic services such as conducting complete physical examinations, developing diagnostic impressions and managing care of patients in our busy OB/GYN practice. The ideal candidate is a highly independent and reliable practitioner with license and certification as an FNP or WHNP, furnishing privileges and a minimum of two years recent experience delivering prenatal, postpartum and gynecologic care to a diverse population including placement of LARC's, screening and treatment of STI's, well woman exams, and menstrual irregularities. Experience in Midwifery, Labor and Delivery, and Spanish Language speakers will be prioritized. More information is available here.

Job openings to share?

If you have a job opening, please post it at! We will happily share your listing in our newsletter and on social media.


Medi-Cal Rx Updates

The Monthly Bulletin for July is now available on the Medi-Cal Rx Web Portal.


Midwife Crush Mondays!

Do you know an amazing Midwife who is doing revolutionary work? We want to feature them on our social media platforms!

CNMA is looking for submissions for our new social media series “Midwife Crush Monday” where we highlight the stories of trailblazing midwives across the industry who are making a difference in the midwifery profession. You can even submit yourself!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Midwife’s name (include pronouns)

  • Affiliated organization(s)

  • Why you became a midwife (and anything awesome you’d like to brag about)

  • Headshot/Photo if available

  • Bonus: Please include social media handles for tagging!

Please send submissions to for consideration!


Questions? News? Want to get involved?

Email us at

That's all for this month's issue. Catch you next time!


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