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MID-OCTOBER 2021 | Newsletter




Register for the CNMA Annual Meeting!

California BIPOC Birth Worker Fall Happy Hour

Birth Happens Museum Exhibit

SB 65 California Momnibus Bill and Midwifery Workforce Training

Midwives in the News

Empowering 32 More Future Healthcare Leaders

Advocacy Opportunities

What Women Want: Midwives’ Voices, Midwives Demands

ACNM Virtual Hill Day

ACNM Virtual Health Policy Summit

The BABIES Act and Midwives for MOMS Act

Encourage FDA to maintain access to preterm birth prevention options

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San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Chair

Communications Committee

Seeking Assistant Membership Chair!

Continuing Education Committee

Midwifery Workforce Development and Education Support Committee

Other Volunteer Opportunities

BIPOC Midwives Promote COVID Vaccine

Address COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Education, Trainings, and Webinars

Clinical Practice Guideline on the Use of Screening Strategies for the Detection of Breast Cancer

Why didn’t we do this earlier? The new model of NICLET care

Roe’s Collapse? The Future of Abortion Care at PPMM

PSI 2-Day Components of Care and Advanced Training

Perinatal Psychiatry: Treatment during Pregnancy and Postpartum

CPSP, 12-month Post-Pregnancy Eligibility, and Supportive Perinatal Care in Medi-Cal and MCAP

ACNM Leadership Development Committee Updates

Expanding Options in Non-Hormonal Contraception

Detecting and Responding to Clinical Deterioration in Healthy Newborns

Spinning Babies 2-Day Workshop

Evidence to Application Summit: Utilizing low-dose aspirin to reduce pre-eclampsia

25th Anniversary Nurse Leadership Forum

The Science and Mystery of Pregnancy and Birth

The Role of Maternal-Fetal Signal Coincidence in EFM

Preventing Racial and Ethnic Biases During Pandemics and Other Crises

Saving the Lives of Moms and Babies

Inclusive Healthcare in Perinatal Nursing

Medi-Cal Rx

Job Opportunities

Evidence Based Birth Systems Administrator

Locum CNMs to care for Afghan Refugees

Sutter Women’s Health in Davis - Certified Nurse-Midwife

Sutter Women’s Health in Davis - Physician Position

Kaiser Permanente

Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health

Maven Clinic

Midwife Crush Mondays!

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Register for the CNMA Annual Meeting!

The CNMA Annual Meeting will take place on November 6-7, 2021 in Millbrae, California (just a few miles from San Francisco). We are delighted to offer both in person and virtual access for the 2021 CNMA Annual Meeting. Day 1 includes 8 CEUs and an after hours dance party. Day 2 will offer a FREE anti-racism preceptor workshop. Register here!

November 6th, 8am-5pm: The main event!

In-Person (full vaccination status required) or Virtual Attendance

Are you achieving your full practice potential? California laws have changed DRAMATICALLY in recent years, and we're strategically positioned to make a huge impact on the culture of birth and reproductive healthcare on a grand scale! Join CNMA President Paris Maloof-Bury at the CNMA Annual Meeting on November 6 as we explore your scope, skills, and synergistic potential under the current statute. If you can envision it, together we can create it! The future is in our birth-working, baby-catching, advocating, health-promoting, justice-seeking, space-holding, choice-honoring, person-empowering hands.

We believe that every birthing person deserves a safe, gentle birth, and that re-diversifying the midwifery workforce is a key factor to achieving birth equity. Want to find out how you can play a part in this important work? During this session on Mentoring and the Imperative of Midwifery Workforce Diversity, we'll learn from Asmara Gebre, Kim Dau, and Angela Sojobi about the Midwifery Mentoring and Belonging Program, as we hone our vision and strategize to create a truly equitable and safe culture of birth.

Midwives Save Lives in all kinds of situations! Are you ready to help your patient prevent HIV in conception, pregnancy, and lactation? Join us as we explore PrEP and nPEP for HIV prevention: its effectiveness, its safety, when it's appropriate to prescribe, how to get the medications paid for, and who to contact when you have questions. If you have barriers, Alison Young, CNM has solutions!

Plus, learn all about trau