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Updated: Oct 1, 2021





Message from the President: It’s time to vote!

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Message from the President: It’s time to vote!

Hello California Midwives, Student Midwives, and Midwife Supporters!

In the next few days, you will receive a very important ballot in your email in-box. And, you should have already received another important ballot in your mailbox (the old-fashioned kind, delivered by the US Postal Service). Yes, it’s time to vote on CNMA Bylaws, CNMA Board Members, and on whether or not the governor of this great state should stay in office.

While most of you have likely been laser focused on the politics and drama of the CNMA election (haha), I wanted to remind you of how important it is to vote in the California Gubernatorial Recall Election, too.

Voting in California is easy. Unfortunately, special elections like this one tend to have very low turnout. Why? Apathy, confusion, and a general lack of information all come into play.

But there’s a lot on the line here for California midwives and the people we serve.

This election matters, and it might just matter a lot:

  • Being governor comes with a lot of power, including the final say on bills that make it through the legislature, executive order, and the power to appoint representatives to various positions of power -- which may include Senator Feinstein’s replacement. So in essence, we’re not just deciding who will be governor, we’re deciding who will have the power to seat other powerful people.

  • SB 1237 (Dodd), the bill that passed last year and gave CNMs the right to practice without physician supervision is still being implemented. We still need the legislature to fund important parts of the bill, and for the governor to approve that funding.

  • SB 65 (Skinner), the California Momnibus Bill which focuses on birth equity and includes a provision for funding midwifery education in California is moving quickly through the legislature. If passed, it will require approval by the governor to become law.

  • Reproductive justice issues, such as Medi-Cal coverage for doula care and STI screening, affordable contraceptives, and access to community-based birth are all on the policy agenda with slow progress, but no guarantees. The governor will have significant say on how these initiatives take shape.

  • Finally, access to abortion care could be on the line. Have you heard the news on Roe v. Wade across the country recently? In fact, the leading candidate to replace our current governor has made his position clear that he “doesn’t believe in Roe” and that it was “one of the worst decisions that the Supreme Court ever handed down.”

How to vote in the California Gubernatorial Recall Election:

You should have already received your mail-in-ballots, which has two questions: