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Hello Midwives!

CNMA invites all midwives in California to submit their bios to be added to our website. We want a space for patients and community members to find us ALL in one place. As midwifery gain steam in California, we hope to share a united front and make it easier for patients to locate us and learn more about us.

To submit your bio, email us at and include the following:

1. Your Name

2. Preferred pronouns (what's this?)

3. Credentials (CNM, LM, WHNP, etc)

4. Type of Practice location (Hospital, Home Birth, Birth Center, etc)

5. Name of your practice location and address (ie: Santa Rosa Birth Center 583 Summerfield Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95405)

6. Link to your practice's website (ie:

7. A photo of you, or a video (if you have media files about yourself or your practice we can link those in for you)

8. A short bio about yourself and your practice

9. STUDENTS you can include a synopsis of your educational background and a link to your resume (we prefer google docs)

View a sample bio here:

Your bio will be added to the site and you will also get your own personalized url (


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