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MEET: Ruth Mielke


SERVICE: In-Hospital, Professorship

LOCATION: Cal State Fullerton

Ruth Mielke, CNM

Pronouns: she/her/hers

I became a midwife in 1986 - kind of by accident when another master's program at the University of Minnesota closed and they offered me a spot in the midwifery program! 

I have loved every facet of my midwifery adventure: from working in high-volume hospital based practices, starting midwifery practices, becoming close with OBGYNs who support midwifery and now, adding academic teaching (California State University, Fullerton) to my midwife-life. 

It is so exciting for me to see midwifery being recognized as the ideal model of care in the U.S. and to see the growth of our numbers of certified nurse-midwives and certified midwives in our region. I am honored to represent you and offer my ear for concerns/ideas that you may have. The only ask, that I have of each of you is that you add to our membership by getting your midwife colleagues to join ACNM.The strength of midwifery is not only in numbers of CNMs but in those who are ACNM/CNMA members!

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