Oct 28

Searching for Clinical Preceptor Spring 2021


Thank you for taking the time to read my profile! I am a Student CNM at Frontier University, and searching for a Clinical Preceptor for the Spring of 2021, in the Fresno area. I am willing to travel outside of Fresno, in order to obtain my clinical experience with a preceptor. I am interested in obtaining hours in both the hospital setting and birth centers.



I work in Labor and Delivery in a career that I have loved and enjoyed for 20 years. It is an amazing feeling to join parents as they bring their new baby into the world. To be a part of their memory of the miracle of their child's birth, is an important role that I have never taken lightly. We are total strangers brought inside their circle of important people for a short period of time. The parents move on and raise their child ,but they will always have fond memories of the day they gave birth. I am looking forward to advancing my role as a Certified Nurse Midwife.


I have attached my resume for your review. Thank you for consideration.

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  • Hello, I'm currently in my final year at Bethel University and am in my third semester which is intrapartum. My current clinical site has an extremely low patient volume as it is quite rural. Due to the low volume I have not been able to meet the 20 delivery minimum for the semester. I am looking for a preceptor in California in order to meet the delivery requirements but also to learn from an experienced midwife. I would love to attend prenatal visits prior to delivery in order to build relationships with clients. I've worked in labor and delivery for five years at level II and IV facilities and feel humbled and excited to learn more about the birth realm. I have experience in both the hospital and birthing home settings. The ideal time frame for this preceptorship would be November to December 2019. Thank You! Nicole My email is
  • I am a CNM student at Frontier Nursing University seeking a preceptor for an inpatient site starting April or May 2020 . I will need 20-40hrs per week and about 40 births. I am currently a labor and delivery nurse with over 8 years experience . I work in a rural setting and practice in many capacities including patient triage, neonatal resuscitation and stabilization for transfer, labor care, antepartum and postpartum, and even quite a few nurse deliveries (we don't have doctors or midwives in house). I am passionate about supporting women to trust their bodies through the natural process of labor and birth and an advocate for evidence-based care when interventions are needed. I live in Grass Valley, California (about 50 miles northeast of Sacramento ) with my husband and 4 children and hope to stay as close to home as possible for my clinical, but I am willing to travel up to 2 hours away. You may contact me by phone at 530-913-0363 or email at Thank you! Here is a link to my cover letter : resume : and references :
  • Hello, I am a student at FNU seeking preceptor starting in spring 2020. I am located in LA county. I am interested in finding hours at birth care centers and hospital setting. I currently work as a L & D nurse, but I am very excited to continue on my journey to become a CNM. Contact me at