CNMA Student Representative

Mar Schupp

Student Nurse Midwife

Mar joined the CNMA as a student rep to gain insight into how midwives are organizing for collective reproductive wins on an institutional level. Mar understands their midwifery work as being intimately linked to reproductive justice strategy and strives to deepen their connection to ancestral indigenous technologies while learning through the western midwifery models of care at UCSF. In addition, they are excited about working within CNMA's Health Policy Committee and Anti-Racism group. Mar is responsible for maintaining the BORN mentorship program for new graduate midwives and current midwifery students. Reach out to Mar if you are interested in being a mentor or connecting with one!


Prior to their education at UCSF, Mar trained at Maternidad La Luz in El Paso, TX serving childbearing families engaging with the dynamic and increasingly hostile landscape of our borderlands. Full spectrum options are important to their work as a midwife informed by their work as a Co-Director of the Bay Area Doula Project where they trained over 100 new abortion attendants/doulas nationally.


Mar Schupp, SNM

Pronouns: them/they

Student Rep for CNMA

Practice Info:

UCSF School of Midwifery

2 Koret Way,

San Francisco, CA 94143