MEET: Kayti Buehler, LM


SERVICE: Home Birth

LOCATION: Mother to Mother Midwifery

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Meet Kayti Buehler, LM. The smallest seed of Kayti’s interest in birth came from the day she was born, on Christmas, in a San Diego hospital.  Growing up, the story was always the same: Kayti’s mother had been birthing Kayti strongly, but the nurses and doctors were intrusive, taking the power of the birth away from Kayti’s mother.  Afterward, her Mom asked for her Christmas turkey dinner, but had to wait 12 hours, while Kayti cried in the nursery and mom recovered from a “saddle block” given at crowning.  So, when one day in 1997 a midwife and a doula came to Kayti’s UC Berkeley class and said that women could birth on their own power, in their own way, and that supporting that process was an actual job, something awakened in Kayti.  After working for 4 years, and having just received her bachelor’s degree, she said, “That’s my job!!”  After teaching English and other adventures in Japan, 8 years later, Kayti came back to San Diego and immediately became a doula.  She began attending births in 2007 and started to become a midwife through Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery in 2009, attending births as a doula, and a midwife student until 2013, when she gained Licensure as a California Licensed Midwife through the Medical Board of California.  She has attended around 300 births as of late 2014, and finds that, indeed, it is incredibly satisfying to support a woman, her baby and her partner and family in having their births, their way.  The sweetness of this job is that the work women do in their births has a lasting impact on their peace, their families, and themselves, which affects the world.  And Kayti feels she has a little part in that.