MEET: Aliya Caler


SERVICE: Home Birth

LOCATION: Birthing Adventures

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hello!  My name is Aliya Caler. I am a nurse-midwife, public health nurse, women's health nurse practitioner, lactation counselor and advocate for full spectrum midwifery.  I am the mom to two kiddos, born at home in Brooklyn and San Francisco, and the partner of 19 years to an awesome programmer/woodworker/bike enthusiast. I am exhilarated by folks who trust their body and know there is more to pregnancy than a 15 minute prenatal visit!  Hypnobirthing is my favorite.


I graduated from UCSF with an MS in nursing in 2016 and have worked as a birth and abortion doula since 2010. I also hold a masters in public health and am proud to be able to provide evidence based care to my clients.  


My conception of midwifery begins in childhood with the stories we are told about our own bodies and the images and messages we internalize about sex and reproduction. It flows into getting to know ourselves as sexual beings as we navigate sex, trauma, rape, misogyny, poverty, lack of health insurance, contraception, pregnancies, abortions, miscarriages, masturbation, menopause, pap smears, vaginal, gut, hormone and adrenal health and so much more.  


As a midwife in private practice, I see all my client's in their homes (unless an outside space feels more comfortable/safe) for prenatal, birth, and postpartum visits including lactation, nutrition and baby care. I am also available to care for your sexual health needs ( from everything from your 'annual exam' to prescriptions for yeast infections or birth control pills.  I can help you manage sexually transmitted infections or navigate through miscarriage. 


In addition to being a primary care provider for homebirth clients, I also work with families who know they want a planned hospital birth. I follow the standard schedule with you prenatally, labor with you at home (providing cervical checks and baby heart tone checks) and come with you to the hospital.  Then I meet with you at home in the postpartum period to make sure your adjustment from pregnancy to the fourth trimester is smooth and full of joy, providing the continuity of care only your very own midwife can.


If you have PPO insurance, your insurance will pay for any of the above services mentioned and my biller will take care of all the paperwork for you. I take clients in SF, the South Bay and the East Bay. 


These days, when I am not midwifing, I am adventuring with my family, going to shabbat services at the Kitchen, hanging out at Pearl Spa, babysitting for our babysitting coop and trying to steal away with my love! Its busy, but so much fun and I couldn't imagine a better life.